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Jun 29, 2007 04:24 PM

Where to get a chicken parm hero?

Any suggestions for a good chicken parm hero?

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  1. My money would be on the chicken Parmesan at Hog Island on Lavaca a few blocks south of MLK. I haven't personally tried this sandwich, but the two kinds of sandwiches I have had there--the paisano and the meatball--were delicious. Good quality meat and cheese, crusty, chewy, sesame-seeded bread, tender homemade meatballs, and well-seasoned marinara. There have been other threads about this place, which is how I got turned onto it, and perhaps someone has mentioned what you are looking for on one of those.

    1. Bumping this to see if anyone knows where to get a really good chicken parm sandwich, really been craving one lately!

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        Niki's Pizza in Cedar Park (a few other locations) does a good meatball parm sandwich and there is a chicken parm sandwich on the menu...