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Jun 29, 2007 04:05 PM

Treadwell - Tasting menu anyone?!

Planning to take advantage of the latest stretch of fine weather and drive out to the wine country to try out 'Treadwell'. Is their $75 six course tasting menu worth the 2 hour drive? Are the total amount of food excessive? ( or shall I settle for the 4 course prix fixe instead?). For $110, one gets wine pairing with the 6 course, but with what? - All Ontario wine? How's the quality of food compare to say Peller Estate or Hillebrand? Thanks in advance!

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  1. My advice would be: just do it. We had dinner there on Sunday of the May long week end. We loved it. The staff is attentive, the setting is great and the food is local, honest and flavourful. Whatever you choose you will not be disappointed ( i hope). The wine pairings worked for us. They have good deep knowledge of the local wineries , they serve a very good sparkling wine from a winery that is only open to the public on Saturday. We loved it so much that we are trying to plan a Saturday this summer so that we can get there to buy a case. Apologies for not having answered your specific questions, but I think that in your situation, time might be of the essence. Relax and I am sure you will enjoy.

    1. Charles Yu,

      The $35 dollar wine supplement with the tasting menu is for all Ontario wines. However, one could have non-Niagara wines too, if enough notice is given. Also, there's a small surcharge for that option.