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Jun 29, 2007 03:46 PM

Any Persian markets in Berkeley/Oakland/SF?

East Bay is closer, but SF OK too.

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  1. Saffron Gourment on Solano off of San Pablo. Techincally in Albany, but on the Berkeley border. Further up on Solano ... also Albany .. .Zand.

    1. I believe there are a few markets in the East Bay. I have been to Zands in Albany. A nice market with both staples(rice,spices,dried and frozen herbs,breads) and a deli and bakery which sells to go or small eat-in area. The UN Market, downtown San Francisco, also has Persian ingredients but not as much variety as Zands. I am sure though there are more markets, I am not familiar with so will be watching the thread for new locations.

      1. Saffron Gourmet is at 1007 Solano, west of San Pablo, open 10-6 Tuesday-Sunday, 528-8282. Zand's old location, I think.

        Funny that the two Persian stores in the area are so close to each other.

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          There's a large local Persian community. It was the old locationh of Nick's, another Persian Market.

        2. There's also The Middle East Market on San Pablo in Berkeley. Owned by Iranians. They have some Persian products there too.