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Jun 29, 2007 03:43 PM

Grocers in Ffld County

I'm just curious if anyone has noticed grocers in the area carrying local produce?

I know the farmers markets are open on the wknds, but sometimes it's simply not convenient to get there... Additionally, when I was at the Stamford market last week - it appeared none of the produce was even local.

So in the interest of trying to live a more sustainable life (and quite simply getting great tasting super fresh produce), and with the ease of convenience....are there any grocers in the area giving the nod to our CT & NY farmers?

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  1. depressingly, not that I've seen. As close as I see at the big supermarkets is jersey tomatos at the height of summer. Stew Leonards at times has things from some of their farms in CT, but aside from that, I don't think anyone does it systematically that I've seen.

    FWIW, the saturday farmers markets are all from farms in CT area. I haven't been to the Stamford one in years, since it was just so pitiful and was on a weekday.

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    1. re: adamclyde

      The Stamford Market is sponsored by UBS and it's just's in that teeny tiny parking lot right in front of Telluride on Bedford St. I met a friend for lunch over there last Sat, and walked through and sitting right smack dab behind the maybe 4 vendors that were there was a big wholesaling truck from PA....just disappointing.
      To be fair - I haven't been to the other markets this summer - but Stamford was a waste.

      Part of what prompted my post tonight was that I got a flyer from Stew's in the mail today...their GA corn, CA strawberries, KS meat, and so on...
      I want LOCAL! :)

      I did read recently that Whole Foods was *trying* to carry more local produce, however I think that particularly pertained to their NYC shops, I'm unsure about Gwich.

      Perhaps I'll just buy my own farm ;)

      Wouldn't that be a blast?!

      1. re: amanda3571

        yeah, like I said, stamford FM is a waste. Couldn't agree more. Best bet for local are the real farmers markets in greenwich or new canaan. Lots of good local farms represented.

        Whole Foods is supposed to be committed to local, but I honestly have no idea to what extent - if at all - this is true outside of a few months of the year.

        Stew's only has local farm product for a couple months a year and it's not to a great extent. In the middle of summer, they'll have some produce from CT. That's about it.

    2. I is disappointing that local supermarkets don't carry local produce. In defense of some of the farmer's markets, you can find one almost any day of the week, and, depending on where you're located, you could get to at least one, I'm sure. I'm also sorry to hear that the Stamford market is not supporting CT farmers. I strongly suggest New Canaan on Saturdays, Westport on Thursday or Sunday, or Darien on Wednesday. New Canaan and Westport are definitely local (it's required) and the produce is excellent. Sometimes you have to plan your shopping around the markets, but it's what we 'hounds' do. Convenient...not always, but at least you know you're supporting local.

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      1. re: sonofoodie

        Thanks to you both - New Canaan is surely my best bet (and my closest). Unfortunately, I can't get to the other ones during the week due to a pesky little thing called work.
        I've been meaning to get over to the NC market, and will do so today.

        1. re: amanda3571

          jfood would manage your expectations for NC.

          there are two great sellers:

          1 - the bread, pesto and mozzy. this guys pesto is to die for and a couple of pestos, a breas and some mozzy will be at casa jfood in a few hours. no nuts, a fair amount of oil that jfood drains off; his bread is outstanding, he's a baker during the day and his mozzy is pretty good.
          2 - when you enter from the "bell", the first guy on the right sells frozen meat (go figure) and then right next to him on the right is the best veggies. when in season his tomatoes will blow you away.
          3 - a few stalls down on the right is a very local grower and jfood waits for his apple variety later in the season.
          4 - on the left from the beginning is another veggie/flower lady from oxford, ct. great lady with nice flowers but the veggies are better above.
          5 - then you get some baked good, some homemade dog bisquts, (i do not like so jfood does not buy for me) and then the organic veggies. these go very quickly in the morning.

          i like it cause jfood takes me and i get to play with the other dogs.

          oh boy it's saturday and we should be heading out soon.

          1. re: jfood

            Wow is that pesto ever good! (I drained off the oil as well)
            Have already enjoyed 2 helpings of strictly local caprese salad.

            The market was lovely, got a lot of wonderful things from produce to baked goods (love that Whistlestop bakery), and gorgeous flowers...

            I will however plan next week to show up a few mins before 10 in the hopes that I can avoid some of the crowd.

            ps - my dog likes the treats - but then again he also likes to eat dirt ;)