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Jun 29, 2007 03:16 PM

Dinner for 6 for $600?

Interested in any thoughts or suggestions about places where six people could eat dinner and drink for less than $600. Most of the "party" places I can think of (Mexican or barbecue) are pretty terrible. Brother Jimmy's comes to mind.

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  1. BECCO, THE ALL YOU CAN EAT PASTA RESTAURANT (VERY UNDERRATED) ON WEST 46 Street. All wine is priced at $25 per bottle. Try it..and it's terrific for groups.

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    1. re: Will4Food

      I've said this before, but I'll say it again. The last time we had dinner at Becco, the ayce pasta selections were very mediocre. And the noise level was so atrociously high that conversation around our table was impossible without shouting.

    2. $100 per person is a pretty high ceiling, even after if you order some decent bottles of wine. I would only exclude places with pricy tasting menus as their default.

      1. Although I'm a big fan of Brother Jimmy's Bait Shack at 92nd Street and 3rd Avenue(especially during football season), I'd like to suggest an inexpensive French bistro called Les Sans Culottes with one location at 347 West 46th Street (between 8th & 9th) and a slightly pricier one at 1085 2nd Avenue at 57th Street. It has a prix fixe menu, hearty comfort food and a decent wine selection. The atmosphere is reminscent of a quaint bistro, yet the waiters are not snobbish. The sausage and pate basket at the beginning of the meal is quite an item. Good food at a great value. You can look for a printable menu at , If you have room after the meal, visit some of the pubs and bars on 9th Avenue. Good luck!

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          Nino's Positano 2nd Ave. bet. 47 & 48th.

        2. How about the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station...just had dinner there and had a blast..
          good seafood, fun atmosphere and will fit into your budget..
          Go for drinks first at the Campbell Apartment in GCS too...classic!

          1. You could easily keep under $100 at Hearth.