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Jun 29, 2007 03:10 PM

best thai in LA

relocating from NYC and I need my Sripraphai replacement....any suggestions.,,,

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  1. Where are you moving to?
    Thai Nakorn in Stanton, which is in Orange County
    Renu Nakorn in Norwalk is closed for remodeling but hopefully will reopen eventually
    Swan Thai and Sri Siam in North Hollywood
    Krua Thai and the Wat Thai Temple in North Hollywood
    Jitlada in Hollywood (but mainly for the Southern Thai menu)
    There are other good places in Hollywood for noodles, soups, etc., but at the moment I don't think there are any restaurants in Hollywood except Jitlada that have a wider range of dishes up to the quality of other places mentioned.

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      And don't forget Thai Boom in Culver City (and to a lesser extent, Natalee Thai)

      There's Saladang and Saladang Song in Pasadena, and I believe I've seen fans of President Thai on these boards as well.

    2. Many. As per the earlier threadds this week, there are more Thai restos than you can shake a spoon at in greater LA. Where will you be living/working, and what specific Thai food do you like/dislike?

      1. Chaba in Redondo Beach. Awesome!

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          Thanks for the quick response! moving to santa monica, but will def travel for food.

          Love isaan cuisine....big fan of spicy salads, fried chicken, etc....

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            I've eaten at Sripraphai and I lived in North Hollywood until I moved to OC 5 months ago. I'm telling you, get thee to Sherman Way and eat your way from the 170 to Fulton Avenue. Krua, Sanamluang, Swan, Sunshine, Khun Dang. Sri Siam is just a half mile south on Coldwater and Vanowen and offers northern Thai food. Most places have a menu of $2-$3 items written only in Thai. Even the stuff written in English is usually only $5-$6. You won't believe how cheaply you can eat excellent Thai food here.

            Go to the Wat Thai (on Coldwater Canyon a block south of Roscoe) on a weekend afternoon between 11 AM and 4 PM, light incense in the temple and give alms to the monks, then change your money for plastic tokens, and wander from booth to booth. Go to whichever papaya salad stand has the longer line. (Bear in mind you can order grilled meat from the papaya salad line but not vice versa.) A massive pile (nearly a quart) of it is $3. Get kanom krok (little coconut rice flour balls) from the woman whose stand backs up onto the side of the temple. 19 half golf-balls (her sign says 18 but her pan makes 19) for $3. Get country curry, steamed in banana leaves. Get boat noodles. Get fried bananas. Get coconut or pandan pudding baked inside kabocha squash. Get a mango with sticky rice and coconut milk for $3, or two mangoes with more rice for $5. I never found anything like the experience in New York.

            Sometime when you're down here in Orange County, go to Thai Nakorn. It's on the corner of Beach Boulevard and Chapman Avenue, maybe a mile north of the 22 freeway. Take a big group, flip the menu over to the back, and start ordering from the specials menu. Don't worry about cost -- nothing I've bought has ever been more than $8-$10. Wild boar in spicy sauce. Clams with chili paste and basil. Seafood cake with coconut milk. Green mango salad with crispy catfish bits. It doesn't matter what you order, it's all good.

            LA is a lot like New York in that the fancy restaurants are in the "core" (midtown and downtown Manhattan in NY, mid-city and the Westside in LA) and the cheap, awesome ethnic food is further out -- but in New York you can take the subway and here you must drive.

        2. President Thai in Pasadena is my favorite. Inexpensive and lots of food, not mention very close to my home. :)

          1. sapp coffee shop on hollywood blvd in thai town east hollywood. best beef boat noodles!

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              Not to mention that grilled chicken. And the Thai "spam"!

              1. re: zack

                I live in the area and keep hearing about this place. What side of the boulevard? What is it next to?

                1. re: Normal Garciaparra

                  it's on hollywood blvd across the street from sanamluang next to the thai dessert shop. try the lard na with crispy noodles- pretty good. last time i went there our waiter was a cross dressing dude! :)