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Jun 29, 2007 02:47 PM

In a cooking funk. Help!

I'm feeling irritable. It's hot outside, the kitchen is a mess, and nothing sounds good. But, at the same time, I have a feeling that a good home-cooked meal is just what I need--not just for eating, but because the act of cooking would probably pull me out of the funk.

What would you make if you were in this mood? I guess the first thing I have to do is clean the !#$^@#$ kitchen.

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  1. Yes. CLEAN your kitchen, or hire a neighborhood teenager to do it. If you do it, crank up the a.c and listen to loud angry music. Then, go to your nicest local produce market and buy the yummy things that speak to you. Prepare and drink with a chilled rose.

    1. The first thing I would make is a wonderful adult beverage. When it's hot I always gravitate to latin flavors, so why not a margarita? It's not exotic, but you know they're so good. Put some tunes on, do a little cleaning, and then crank up some homemade salsa in the food processor, have another drink, and then you're night is well on it's way...

      1. I went to the superb local fish market, bought some fresh seafood and a couple of frozen bisques.
        The lobster bisque is for tonight, for inspiration. The shrimp will be the fruit of the inspiration tomorrow.

        1. Definitely lots of music and a big kitchen clean (I get the same way when my kitchen is a mess). Then something that involves lots of chopping and puttering around in the kitchen -- maybe risotto? Or even a big chopped salad with lots of good ingredients.

          1. If you have access to fresh organic produce and veggies.. make a salad. Mix greens, peaches lightly grilled or just thin cold slices, sliced very thin red onion, a bit of prosciutto, sprinkled with goat cheese..mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a bit of honey, pepper.. and vola yummy seasonal salad! glass of crisp white wine and maybe some fresh bread.

            or do that same verision with cubed and roasted sweet potato and minus the prosciutto.

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              Thanks, everyone. I ended up cleaning the kitchen, as Elissa suggested, and then hitting Whole Foods and getting some tilapia. I pan-fried it, made a lime/white wine buerre blanc, and served on a bed of cooked spinach. SErved with roasted new potatoes on the side. Some white and red wine and I'm feeling much better! I hate when I get like that.