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Jun 29, 2007 02:45 PM

Pet-friendly dining

I'll be in NO next month, and am bringing one of my dogs (an extroverted Sheltie) with me. So any pet-friendly dining suggestions (with shade) for me?

Also, I cook for my dogs at home--no commercial pet food. I will have a microwave and refrigerator in my room. I was thinking if I could find a salad bar with boiled eggs, preferably one that charges by the container rather than weight, that would really help--any ideas? Here I could just go to Jason's Deli's salad bar & get a lot of what I'd need for the week, but looks like there's no Jason's in NO. I'll be staying in the French Quarter & will have my car.

Thanks in advance ... and looking forward to the food. Everyone I talk to tells me their pet peeve about New Orleans, and then gets this faraway look in their eyes and says, but the food ... the food is wonderful :)

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  1. Try Whole Foods. You can find the address online. Also, there is an A and P in the quarter. Also Central Grocery has a deli. Good luck.

    New Orleans is not like a lot of big cities who welcome pets in department stores, etc. I have never seen anyone with a dog in such situations.

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      I have a dog and have never found a place that is dog friendly except in my own neighborhood. There are laws that are enforced or at least threatened to be. Outside in coffee houses okay but little else. If somebody knows better than I; I would love to know.

      1. re: marchperson

        Have you ever been to New Orleans? I'm pretty sure the only dogs allowed in department stores across the country are seeing eye dogs. There are many restaurants and stores in New Orleans that allow dogs.... I live in New Orleans now and have spent lots of time in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, DC, and Boston and New Orleans is far superior in many ways including its dog friendliness.

      2. We sometimes take our dogs to restaurants with outdoor seating, and we haven't been turned down yet (though we have only tried at the more casual places.) On Magazine, there is Cafe Rani, Ignatius, Baru Bistro. Cafe Rani has misting machines/shade, which helps. In the quarter, we have sat outside at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen with the pups. (& a dog friendly bar that's fun is the Bridge Lounge on Magazine.)

        1. I own a bar in Baton Rouge and from time to time (when it is slow in the afternoons) we have let people bring in their dogs. However, aside from the legal and hygiene issues (which are very real) it has always made me nervous from a liability standpoint. People love their pets, fair enough, but should the creature get spooked by a big crowd, or a kid or something and then take a bite out of someone then the facility would be on the hook for any damages and I doubt liability coverage would take care of it because the incident arose from an illegal practice. My point is, you are really putting the owners and staff of any place in a hard spot when you bring a dog to a place where they are not allowed by law. The staff and owner are forced to choose between the natural desire to be friendly and cater to the guest’s needs and the real possibility that they could be left holding the (forgive the pun) doggy bag should things go wrong. I know people think their dog would never hurt anyone, and it probably would not, but you might do well to consider the position you are placing the service people in. That or bring along proof of $1,000,000 in insurance and a form to indemnify the establishment. A notary public might be nice too.

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          1. re: frankiii

            I never thought about the liability issues, or that we might be imposing on staff/owners. These restaurants were all quick to answer that we could have pets at these places, so I just assumed they had standing policies. So, I understand the liability/hygiene concerns, but is it actually illegal to have dogs in outdoor eating areas or places (like bars) that don't serve food?

            FYI, foiegras, the Bridge Lounge advertises Tuesdays as dog night, but dogs are welcomed anytime. So, I wouldn't be hesitant about going there, that is, if you're interested.

            1. re: littlepiglet

              Well, I like dogs. Also, I doubt the State Health Board would muster the interest to visit most places after quitting time. But, the health code for Louisiana, which is state wide, does prohibit animals, other than helper animals (someone PLEASE bring a fetching monkey), from the dining area of restaurants. From a health board standpoint, they treat bars and restaurants the same (this is not the case for liquor license, but that is another story). The worry is not that some functionary would show up and slap a fine on the establishment but the aforementioned liability that goes along with knowingly allowing an illegal act to take place. For instance, I maintain liability insurance for my bar. That insurance is only so good as my lawful conduct. If I permitted an illegal or regulated practice (or one for which the business was not licensed) then I could not expect the coverage to apply to accidents that took place as a result of the unorthodox activity. Like letting the bar double as a shooting range or metal foundry, for instance.

              Some owners may not consider these possibilities, may not care or may be making grand political statements about the equality of pets and humans. I do not know. I only raise the issue because I have some first-hand experience with it.

                1. re: frankiii

                  I've been evicted from outdoor seating at bars that served food when accompanied by friends w/a dog, on grounds that the state health code prohibits animals where food is served. That said, the Bridge Lounge has a dog-friendly night....can't recall what day of the week, but it used to be a pretty regular thing.

                2. re: littlepiglet

                  Thanks, littlepiglet. I'm from Texas (assume our laws are similar), and we have an upscale French restaurant here that's very open about being dog-friendly on the patio. I was expecting more from a bone fide eccentric Southern city with French roots ;) Thanks for the tip on the Bridge Lounge, will check it out.

              1. People always bring their dogs into the bulldog on Magazine. In fact, all the places in that area really allow dogs outside including reginellis, nacho mama's, rocky's, semolina's. I think there are a lot more dog friendly places here than you all think, especially in the quarter and the marigny.

                1. There is an unofficial dog park in the French Quarter. It's between Barracks and Gov. Nichols and between Burgundy and Dauphine or Dauphine and Bourbon, somewhere in that area. You're likely to meet some local dog parents there who may be able to direct you to some dog friendly places. When we took our dog in 2004, there were some small shops and an art gallery where they allowed her to come in and escape the heat. The art gallery even filled her water bowl for us. The biggest problem we faced was being too far from a grassy area to walk her, but she loved the dog park. It doesn't look like much and you may find a homeless person or two sleeping there early in the morning, but it's great for the dogs.

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                  1. re: murraysmom

                    Thanks! I will see about finding the park. That's great about the shops & art gallery. Cherry loves everyone, and everyone loves Cherry, so hopefully we will find some friendly shop owners too. (We have a nationally-ranked dog park here at home, we love it, but I'm sure she won't make any unflattering comparisons ;)

                    I wonder if I can stop by Cafe du Monde with dog in tow?

                    1. re: foiegras

                      When we went to Cafe du Monde, it was my husband and I with our dog and he went to the walk-up window and got our order to go and we sat at one of the tables that is outside the outdoor seating area. You may be able to get service in the outdoor area.
                      Check out Matt Rinard's gallery on Royal Street. His art is all cartoon type dog themes. That's the one we were allowed to take our dog in, but it will depend on the person working there that day.
                      We had a wonderful time when we took our dog, Murray, in 2004. We took her twice last year, but due to heart problems slowing her down and the terrible summer heat, she spent most of the time sleeping in the room. She passed away in May. Our trip to New Orleans in 2004 is one of our best memories we have with her. I hope you and Cherry have a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures!

                      1. re: murraysmom

                        Thanks, MM, we will. Thanks for sharing your memories :)