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Jun 29, 2007 02:30 PM

Good place to eat on the way to Redding?

Is there any interesting places to eat on the way to Redding on the 5? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. If you go a little farther south to Bethel there is a wonderful place called The Putnam House Resturant and Tap Room. Food is great especailly the osso boco. Have a great patio that overlooks the town of bethel (lots of history)

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      Interstate 5, Redding, California.......Where is Bethel? I couldn't find it on the AAA California road map. However, a person could get lost and never be found using a AAA road map.

    2. Bartel's Hamburgers
      North Corning exit, west side

      1. It appears from your previous posts you are coming from LA. If so, you will go through Sacramento which has Waterboy, Biba, etc. etc. Williams has Louis Cairo's, if you need a garlic fix. You will pass by Maxwell, CA which sports the Maxwell Inn, a nice dinner house with many full-mount stuffed animals on display in the bar. Willows has Pat and Larry's Steakhouse for beef and lamb. The options north of Sacramento are less gourmet, more price friendly and generally larger portions. Wine selections can be limited north of Sac. on I-5 but the restaurant bars are active. Redding has many chains plus a few good, not great, independents.