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Jun 29, 2007 02:25 PM

Dommy and P. Return! Day 2: Alemany farmer's, Mi Lindo Yucatan, Tartine and Oliveto!

Saturday was upon us and P. was off the time the clock for good! And so bright and early we set up exploring! Our frist stop was the Alemany farmer's near Bernal Heights!

Now I am a farmer’s market fiend, and I was completely charmed by this one with it’s ready made stands and mural. There was even this little old lady playing this cute little cat instrument

Because we had a lunch date, I decided to just start exploring with some locally made Plantain Chips and a cup of Chai (Not bad)

But as we started to go stall by stall, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to resist a few other things!! We walked past a little Mexican Food stand and they were making Huaraches!

The smell almost got to me, but I was soon distracted by the fruit!! So many varieties of Citrus were available… with Pomelos almost as big as my head!

There were also neat unusual things, like Sugar Cane… Mojitos anyone?

And an amazing variety of dates!!

But soon, I was distracted again by the Chow. There was a stand that was selling my FAVORITE Indian Spice Mixes (Suki’s!) and they had Samosas…

Sadly they weren’t nearly as good as Viks… Then nearby there was a stand selling meat pies!

Yum! I just had to try one and was glad I did… so much meat and the pastry was so flakey…

But that was enough for me!! I put my focus back on the produce and was soon MESMERIZED by the Mushroom stand… the first thing I squealed where… PINK MUSHROOMS!!

I am a mushroom FIEND and have never seen these “Flamingo Mushrooms”. I asked the lady if they would survive a trip to L.A. and sadly she said they were too delicate… boo hoo… :( I regret not even trying…

And that was not the end of cute Mushrooms! They had these fuzzy ones called Lions Mane…

Wow… I took these pictures more than anything else to DEMAND my mushroom guy grow there in L.A. He laughed at my mushroom ambition… and said he’s nut sure if he could get them here… :(

And so soon we were off to meet a dear friend for Lunch… He just moved the neighborhood and was still exploring it! Further, he’d never had Yucatecan food and being Yucatecan myself and wanting to check it out… Mi Lindo Yucatan seemed the perfect fit…

Located in a standard store front. They immediately impressed me with what thought they wook with decorating their the space. Bright Colors on the walls and furniture. Each table was painted with a different scene or map of the Yucatan…

We placed our orders and I was further delighted with the arrival of homemade tortillas!

Very good! My friend choosing not to eat ‘mammals’ ordered the Pavo en Esabeche. One of my favorite dishes…

The sight of this dish surely impressed me! They even had a meatball with Egg Yolk in!!! The broth served with was sharp as supposed to be… but the other spices were very subdued. The pavo was also a bit tough and stringy… Nevertheless he really enjoyed the contrast of flavors and the warmness of the broth on a rainy day….

P. ordered Cochinita Pibil…

This time the meat was just done wonderfully… But like the Pavo… the broth was a little thin (It didn’t have the ‘stickiness’ of really good versions) and again a bit under spiced… at one of our favorite Yucatecan restaurant in L.A. they serve Cochinita with Habanero on top for you to play with the heat… this version very much missing that…

I was so excited by what I ordered though… The Brazo de Reyna

But I was a bit SHOCKED on how they served it to me! It’s basically a Tamale Loaf… but I’ve had it all over Yucatan and Mexico and here and I’ve never had anyone just serve it to me… in a Loaf!!!

So I went ahead and sliced myself…

And WHEW!! The insides were all good… Plenty of Chaya, Boiled Egg and Ground Pumpkin Seeds. The sauce was also excellent… although it too needed a little kick…

Overall all, we enjoyed our meal… but on a strictly Chow level… P and I agreed that we appreciate what they are trying to do… but I just wish they would spice correctly… :P

Before we said our goodbyes, we had one final stop to make… Guess where?

Tartine!! And hers’s what we got…

A Lemon Bar and Blackberry Tart…

Sadly the Tart was absolutely nothing to write home about… The pastry was standard and the sweetness was tempered. Meh…

The Lemon bar however was GREAT! Much better than Citizen Cake one I had on my last trip… although like the Citizen cake one, I would have perfered much less Crust and much more of the YUMMY Lemon Curd…

We said goodbye to our pal… and did some ‘exploring’ (and shopping…) in the city before we headed back late for a late dinner reservation at Oliveto! It just so happened they were having a special “Whole Hog Menu”. Due to some hesitation… I missed out on the special (A stuffed porks foot) but P. was able to get the most wonderful pork belly… I ended up with a pretty standard Bacony Pasta dish… But we loved the setting and felt it was more than worth it for our ‘splurge’ meal of the trip! :D


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  1. There must be some law in the Bay Area that unless Suki's is one of the venodrs, you are not allowed to hold a farmer market. There are very, very ... very few that dont have a Suki's stand.

    Thanks for the tip about the pink mushrooms.

    The Brazo de Reyna at Mi Lindo Yucatan gives me extra incentive to go. I had it at a place north of the Bay Bridge and wasn't that impressed. I also appreciate your perpective on Mi Lindo Yucatan.

    You will have to try Yucatasia and ... uh .. I forget the name the Yucatan place on Mission and 16th the next time you hit town and let us know what you think

    1. thanks for the report! Did I miss day one or did you not report on it?

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      1. re: susancinsf

        The Post was a few weeks ago. We have been busy, But here is the Link

        Take Care

        - P.

        1. re: Dommy

          I *heart* the Alemany farmer's market as well. I live nearby and try and make it by 8am every Saturday. Nash's Olive Oil is one of my favorites - he has THE best eggs around but you have to ask him for them. The nice woman with the small stand of seasonal veggies and flowers always has great reasonably priced produce (carrots, beans, strawberries) and amazing dahlias in the summer.

          Mi Lindo Yucatan
          4042 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

          Alemany Farmers' Market
          100 Alemany Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94110

          E-Z Does It Farms Nash's Olive Oil
          1210 Solano St, Corning, CA 96021

          Tartine Bakery
          600 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA 94110

        2. too bad you just past the Mexican Stand at Alemany Farmers Market- that is my favorite place to eat on a Saturday- el huarache loco stand also Allstar Tamales next to it is pretty good too.

          Nice report!

          1. Is this a belated report? The Whole Hog dinners were months ago.

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              In a word yes. I had a gig up a Zellerbach Hall on Feb 8 and 9 and we stayed for the weekend. But Dommy! and I have been really busy since then and are now starting to catch up on reports. Plus she did mention in the first of the posts that it has been a few months.

              Better late than never.

              Take Care

              - P.