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Jun 29, 2007 02:20 PM

Stripburger??? Vegas

Anyone been here yet? Just received an email notice from LEYE that this spot has opened in Fashion Show Mall next to Baba Reeba. Curious about peoples' opinions on this one.

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  1. i've not been, but their menu looks fantastic....for a burger joint

    1. Haven't been, but I will say that the "7-11 Big Gulp" style mixed drinks should go over extremely well with the patrons......

      1. We went on Tuesday around 5 pm. They were open just 3 days at the time. The whole restaurant is outside, just to the side of CBBR. We were cooled nicely by the misters on the patio & it was a decent people watching spot.

        We had:
        PICKLE CHIPS which were quite tasty. They were a bit over fried;
        the sauce was flavorful, but too thin for my liking.

        BLEU CHEESE BURGER I loved it even more so than the BBQ Bacon Burger, which I thought I would love more...The burgers were ordered MR, but were served Med-Med/Well. Our server told us that customers were complaining the burgers weren't cooked enough. I am from the school of "you can always cook it more, but you can't cook it less." I will order my burger RARE next time! Normally, I would have sent it back, but they were still so juicy, falling apart (due to the natural meat?) and flavorful that I didn't mind. The buns were great too!

        HOUSE CUT FRIES were good too, but nothing fantastic.

        We both did PBR on draft (32oz). I know eeeewww if you may. You can keep the souvenir glass as well. It's plastic, but it did manage to keep our beers cool even with 100+ temps. Next time I'll imbibe in some of their delish sounding cocktails.

        We had no room for dessert. Oh & you can add a shot to their milkshakes as well.

        Over all the service & experience was quite good & we would go back.

        The bill came to $50 including tip.

        Side note: they did misspell Wagyu on the menu...

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          P.S. I'd take Stripburger over Burger Bar any old day.

          I know they don't have as many options, but doing a few things well is far more valuable to me personally.

          We didn't enjoy the food, service or atmosphere at Burger Bar. I know, we're a minority though...

          1. re: dbug31

            I am part of that minority also then, went there in late March this year and was unimpressed by the overly priced not so fantastic burgers, the staff was rather unfriendly, service slow, and i hate when I have to ask for utensils, then to top that all off the condiments that were on the table looked rather disgusting. (dried ketchup from previous patrons). There is a great burger place to the side of MGM right on the strip can't remember the name but I can tell you I would eat there 5 times over the Burger Bar.

            The name just came to me
            3763 Las Vegas Blvd. Open 24 hours
            On The Strip by the MGM Grand
            Las Vegas, NV 89109
            P: 702-736-4733
            F: 702-736-1321

            Sometimes it is so busy you need to wait, and yes other times people after you do get there orders before you, but remember, you are in Vegas, relax and enjoy !!!

            1. re: Jimbosox04

              I'm glad to hear we had similar experiences with Burger Bar. I now know I am not alone.

              I live in LV, so I have had Fatburger a few times, but when it comes to "fast food"
              burgers, I'm an In n' Out girl all the way. That's a whole other thread though...

        2. That looks REALLY good! Good prices as well. Will have to try it next trip.

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            We stopped in at StripBurger over the weekend, and I thought it was great! We only had apps, and I loved the deep-fried pickle chips--nice & crispy. I hadn't realized that this place is only a few weeks old. It is a GREAT outdoor space with enough shade & misters to keep us cool on a 108-degree day. The cocktail menu was a bit more creative than your run-of-the-mill martinis--I had a vodka lemonade that was served with 2 sprigs of rosemary in the glass, which added a certain depth of flavor one wouldn't normally expect.

            Next time I'm in Vegas, I'm definitely going back!