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Jun 29, 2007 02:17 PM

Recent sushi bar @ Anzu report?

I am going there to the sushi bar tomorrow night. It seems they had a chef change last year, so all the rave reviews may or may not be relevant. Anyone been there recently?

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  1. At first, soon after Takahashi-san (former master sushi chef at Anzu) left, I heard they were going to go fusion. More recently, there was rumor they were searching for a new master sushi chef, but as far as I know, they haven't found one yet. I haven't actually been to Anzu since Takahashi-san's departure.

    1. One of the San Francisco magazines (about dining?) had a feature cover/article about Anzu. There was a picture of a guy at the sushi bar, couldn't tell if he was Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, but he wore glasses and had a baseball cap on, handing plates of sushi to patrons. The article mentioned they still get fish from Tsukiji, but I would expect that the selection to be much fewer than when Kaz-san was at the helm. From what I heard about Kaz-san, I doubt anyone could readily replace him and wouldn't expect much from Anzu's bar currently (it is not just the quality and variety of fish but a whole lot more).

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        I hadn't heard that, thanks for the update K K.

        Good they're still getting fish from Tsukiji, but the old selection was great, pretty much top notch for the Bay Area. It probably will be a lot less, but maybe the restaurant is worth a revisit sometime, though I'm afraid it would pale in comparison to the old restaurant!