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Jun 29, 2007 02:11 PM

Atlas Park Dining

Going to the movies tonight; ca you recommend anyplace around there that is not Calfornia Pizza or Johnny Rockets? It does not have to be w/i the mall area, just w/i a few minutes of it.


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  1. If you're looking for Italian-La Tavernetta is very close and they have great food at reasonable prices. The place is very small and lacks atmosphere but the food makes up for that. They are at 7501 88th ST, phone # 718-896-3538.

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    1. re: fatcat57

      2nd La Tavernetta, it's wonderful, we get takeout all the time, and recommend it without any hesitation. It's basically around the corner from Atlas, very close.

    2. I heard good things about DB Wine Bar and Ran (Japanese). Both are on Metropolitan Ave. Sorry, I don't have exact address on hand.

      1. Rats, I missed replying to this in time. Like the others who posted, I would have recommended DB or Luna Sur on Metropolitan. I've never been to La Tavernetta. I blogged about my experience at Pasticcio which is inside Atlas Park, and while it was okay, it wasn't anything to write home about (athough ironically, I guess I sorta wrote home about it).


          I know this is a late entry, but next time you are in the area you should check this place out. It is a wine bar with a great selection of Italian wines. It also has tasty little dishes, salads and panini all made from scratch.

          Great service with friendly and welcoming staff. I believe its a family place with the Mother as the cook and the two daughters waitressing. A knowledgeable wine steward works the bar.

          Very intimate and nicely decorated. A real surprise in Middle Village!

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            I actually went her w/a friend last night & it was GREAT!!! the zeppole w/moz & tomato were delicious, so was the polents, and the service could not have been nicer. HIGHLY recommend it, and thanks for the suggestion.

            1. re: katescoot

              Yea.. this place is tricky to recommend - at least for my selfish reasons. It is a small place and really close to my home so I would hate to go there and have to wait for a table, but I much rather see a place like this become a great success because it deserves it, and moreover, so does the neighborhood.


              Here's even more background information on the place. I really like their approach and dedication.

              Glad you liked the place as much as I did - just don't take the last table before me ;) !

          2. While your movie has probably come and gone, a short trip down Cooper to Myrtle Ave will take you right to Zum Stamtisch, another good option in the area. They serve straight up, old school German. Wursts, Schnitzel, etc....

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              I second this choice also. Great German food as well. There is a German food place with Atlas Park - anyone try this? Any opinions?

              It's called Manor Oktoberfest. Looks like a small place and have yet to try. Guess I am waiting for the colder weather because German food always seems "heavy" to me and more of a comfort food on cooler days.

              1. re: NYMike

                Haven't tried the place at Atlas, but we go to their deli on Jamaica ave all the time, excellent macaroni salad, roast beef, german potato salad...old fashioned place with old fashioned service..a lost art.

                1. re: janie

                  Good to know. I think I have to give the place a try soon. On a whole I have been disappointed in most of the places in Atlas Park. Which is sad because I want the place to succeed as well.

                  I don't see the appeal in Johnny Rockets - its like an overpriced fast food restaurant. Shiro looks very nice, but sadly the Sushi is lacking quality and taste. California Pizza Kitchen is decent for a chain, but I always feel like I was overcharged. That goes for all the places in Atlas Park - I usually wonder if my money could have been spent some place better.

                  1. re: NYMike

                    two blocks away by 88st la tavernetta

                    1. re: inesita

                      Went to the German place in Atlas Park last night. Uninspired to say the least. The potato pancakes were tasteless oblong hockey pucks accompanied by applesauce that came from a jar. Bratwurst and knockwurst were OK. The warm potato salad was bland. Sauerkraut wasn't too bad though. The Spaten was nice and cold and served in iced mugs. Definitely will not go back.

                      1. re: squirrelly_wrath

                        We tried the German place at Atlas Park a couple of weeks ago. Complete agreement about the potato pancakes - they tasted like frozen hashbrowns fried to oblivion. But I thought the bratwurst was tasty, and the sauerkraut was fresh. That, combined with being able to sit outside (even in a mall, I know) and drink cold Franziskaner is enough for me to go back.

                        I've driven by Uvarara (which should be nominated for "Hardest restaurant name to pronounce") and wondered what it was, and now will definitely try it! Will also check out La Tavernetta!