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Jun 29, 2007 01:02 PM

bacon where to buy?

I have a young grandson who is a picky eater to the extreme.
He likes crispy bacon.
I have tried all of the common supermarket bacons Maple Leaf, Schneiders, Shopsy's, presidents choice, etc, and they are all so water laden that it takes forever to crisp, if at all..
The Dominion brand wouldn't crisp at all. - threw it out.
Costco until last year carried a great bacon, but discontinued it for Shopsy's.
In the states I have no problem.
They even centre centre cut only.
Does anyone know if there is anyplace that I can get a decent bacon, evenly cut?
Nothing fancy like thick (wont crisp) or extra smoked.
Just a good old fashioned bacon.
Thanks in advance

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  1. just noticed the beginning of the same question below.
    I had started to ask the question when the server announced it was having problems, never did push the send button.

    1. athelier thuet has some gorgeous berkshire bacon... :)

      1. I've never had a problem with any of the bacon that's available at any of the butchers at the St Lawrence Market. I cannot eat any of the fatty bits, so I make sure that the fat is rendered out and crisp, not burnt. Also, I've come to like the bacon that I can get at Starsky's in Mississauga, on Dundas. In general, though, I wait to treat myself to the good bacon that I can get from Gerbers at the St Jacobs market. Their sausage is better than any I've ever had, and the price for both is within reason. I've been buying from them for as long as I can least 30 years. (I suppose I SHOULD break out every once in awhile and try some others....)

        1. Okay, I know this doesn't help if you're shopping in Toronto but Mueller Sausages at 150 Balm Beach Rd. East in Perkinsfield (near Midland) smokes their own bacon and it's so good there's a 2-lb limit per customer. It's thickish but it crisps. They also make their own fantastic sausages. A hot Mueller's sausage, washed down with a cold Creemore lager, sitting on the deck looking at the lake = cottage heaven for me.

          1. I like the various bacons available at Brandt Meats in Mississauga.Their factory store is only open Wed-Sat but stocks hyper-fresh pork products smoked/cured about 50m away from the counter.