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Jun 29, 2007 12:22 PM

Toronto pseudo-hound visiting Maspeth..please help!

The pseudo hound is my hubby, who, along with two buddies, is staying in Maspeth during the first week in July while attending the (and I apologize to all who may be offended) "International Eating Contest"..that was painful even to write...can't imagine actually watching!!

Anyway, I am trying to set him up with some decent eats in the area (if he isn't too nauseous from the big event). The boys really, really like good pizza and burgers, old-style diner type places and mom and pop restos..nothing fancy, just feel-good-tummy-food and a very casual atmosphere. A decent beer to go along with the chow is always welcome. Any suggestions in the area? (or nearby)..sorry for my ignorance, but I have no idea where Maspeth is in relation to Manhattan...

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  1. rosa's pizza on 69th street and grand avenue is fantastic. the best pizza in queens for sure. he should definitely go there!

    for a burger he should hop in a 5 minute cab ride to donovan's, roosevelt avenue & 58th street in woodside (next neighborhood over). voted nyc's best burger a few times. really, really delicious. it's an irish-american bar, so they can definitely have some beers and watch sports there too.

    if they like indian, there's tangra masala on grand avenue...and 86 or 87 street. it's actually indian style chinese cuisine. very interesting and tasty!

    fame diner on grand avenue and 71 or 71 st is ok for breakfasts...

    stop inn diner on roosevelt and 61st in woodside is GREAT for diner style food...and irish specialties, they make a great irish are a ton of bars all around it.

    and for thai...there's the famous sripaphai, amazing. it too is in woodside, 65th and i think 39th avenue. you can search it for more specific directions. it's a big favorite on this board.

    all of these places are casual and cheap.

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      Definately Rosa's Pizza in Maspeth (although NOT the other locations). Best Pizza PERIOD. It's a BUSY place, but the atmosphere is very comfy.

      1. re: Anne

        The Rosa's location on Fresh Pond Road is excellent..Have you tried it? The ambiance is hard core but the pizza is great, and they're open until 2 am every night. The location on Metrop is the bad one...

      2. re: ceeceee

        O'Neill's - haven't heard much about it recently.
        If I recall Mario Batali spoke highly about their pizza.
        A few years back, I had to steak for two which the cognoscente rate with Luger's - I thought it excellent but not really a steak person.

        1. re: micheal

          O'Neil's serves pizza? I thought it was predominantly a burger/steak kind of place. That's where my bridal shower was held 20 years ago. Went back about 5 years or so ago for some burgers. Huge and quite yummy. They had some type of Lotto machines installed. Now I hear that NYRA also has an involvement in the place, and diners can place their horse racing bets from machines in the restaurant?

      3. A lot depends where in Maspeth they're staying, since the neighborhood is effectively bisected by the Long island Expressway (LIE). It's a very residential neighborhood and is a long way from the subway, so the main transportation is buses (or are they bringing a car? that would simplify things). The main commercial strip is Grand Ave. and it has, in addition to the places mentioned above, a number of Irish bars and diners with decent burgers (although none as good as Donovan's). Just north of Grand is Rosa's Pizza, which has been mentioned here already - get the Sicilian, the Grandma, or the Sfigione slice. Nearby on 65th Place is O'Neill's, which is a kind of Irish bar/steakhouse place that isn't bad, and has pretty good burgers. South of the LIE is a Polish neighborhood with a few little Polish joints serving homemade Polish chow. The number 18 bus that runs on 69th St. in Maspeth will take him pretty quickly up to more chow-worthy Woodside, and right in front of Donovan's. Or a quick drive up 69th St. to Roosevelt Ave. will take him to the border between Woodside and Jackson Heights and a dazzling array of Hispanic (of many different types), Thai, Philippino, Burmese, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese and other food choices all within a few blocks of each other on, or just off of, Roosevelt.

        1. One website I saw says this about Maspeth. "Maspeth is old-school Queens at its best" I think that's a fair description. It is very far from Manhattan in more ways than one. I think your guys will love it!! It's the kind of place where everyone's grandparents grew up together... like a small town. I think they should try to find an old-school neighborhood bar where everyone knows everyone else, a bar that serves hamburgers etc. (A J Kenny's Pub, maybe) If they are willing to travel they can find some of the best Thai, Colombian, etc food in the eastern US... but my guess is that they will prefer the neighborhood bar.

          1. Thanks, NY Hounds for the great suggestions..I'm sure hubby will return to TO well fed..I will be sure to post on anything else he mentions that was great!