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Jun 29, 2007 12:10 PM

Michi or Towne - either any good?

I bought one of those Cozmo decks late last year, thinking we'd try out some places we'd never visited. So far, we've used a total of 2 cards this year. We gotta get out more!!

So, we're thinking of using either the Michi or Towne cards tonight (both places are fairly close to home for us), and I was wondering if anyone's been to either of these places and can offer up commentary or suggestions on what to order. I'm an omnivore but the boyfriend won't eat beef or pork.


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  1. I went to Michi a few years ago. The foie gras appetizer was pretty good, but thought their steak with gorgonzolla was mediocre at best - too dry and too much gristle. Perhaps it's my fault for not ordering something more Asian-esque, I don't know. And the place was very crowded and loud - it's more of a bar/pick-up joint than serious restaurant IMHO. And very expensive for what you get. I have no intention of ever going back.

    Although it's not in MB, Restaurant Christine is a good South Bay restaurant. If you have a card for that place, I think you should go there instead.

    1. I have not been to Towne, so I cannot comment on that one. I have eaten at the sister restaurants of Towne and not been impressed, for what that's worth.

      I have eaten a few times at Michi. At the time, it was probably the best option in MB. Today, it's clearly eclipsed by Petros and maybe another restaurant or two. I was not impressed. I thought the prices were high, the cooking was poorly executed and trite, and the service poor (given the prices). It is definitely on the louder side and it's a pick-up place, but that was fine with me because it pretty much advertises itself as exactly that. I just did not feel like it was a fine dining experience. In fact, it was one of the nails in the coffin that led me to move from MB -- there was nothing good to eat in MB, except for breakfast/brunch places.

      1. Michi is now closed. Towne is pretty good, but the room is incredibly loud!

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          Do you know what will be replacing it?

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            The same guy who owns Rock N' Fish in Manhattan Beach, and Shade Hotel (also in MB), will be opening a high-end Mexican restaurant, sort of like Border Grill or Mesa Grill.