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Jun 29, 2007 12:10 PM

Simply Irresistible

I take pride in my nearly indestructible sense of self-control. Six days a week my diet is regimented and free of excessive indulgences. However, having said this, I have to admit to a major Achilles Heel. Peanut Butter. There is something so enticing to me about this simple substance as to render me free of will power. I cannot refuse it in nearly any form and it has on more than one occasion been my undoing, or at least the undoing of a balanced diet.
Now tell me, are there any food stuffs that leave you at their mercy?

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  1. I'm actually with you on the peanut butter. I can actually spoon it right out of the jar (I generally buy the natural kind that's just peanuts and a little salt). I even have a cat who loves peanut butter!

    My other downfalls are any form of pasta or noodles--don't care what you put on it--bacon, and chocolate.

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    1. re: revsharkie

      My cat loves pb too! That's the only way he'll take his pills.

    2. We have a tiny bakery down the street that makes this amazing sourdough: the texture and taste of warm bread is in a category of its own, in my book....and this is how my discipline goes down the drain.

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      1. re: jeni1002

        OK, this is a little different but oysters are my downfall. Half shell or broiled...I can't resist.

      2. With PB, I'm a weirdo. When I get a jar, I pour off the oil, then jam a wadded paper towel inside the jar, screw on the lid, and turn the jar upside to sit for a couple of days. At this point, I change the paper towel and let continue to soak, and change the paper daily. At the end of four days or so, the PB is just thick, biteable, and chewy... no longer spreadable, I prefer it in this form, somewhat defatted and edible simply by the fingerful or the spoonful. If I want the PB spread on something, I'll borrow someone's standard jar, but my drained version even goes well with apples or celery or tortillas w/ jam.

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        1. re: Emme

          I am stealing your idea and have paper towels jammed into my cashew butter as we speak.

          1. re: ArikaDawn

            Tastier and less guilt! And FYI, even after I start eating the defatted version, I still always leave a paper towel in there to take up any stray liquid...

        2. Carbs. Good crusty breads, grains, pasta, etc. I can buy a huge loaf of bread at the farmer's market and, if I'm lucky, it will last 2 days. Normally it's gone by the next morning. Did I mention carbs??

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          1. re: odkaty

            Chips and salsa are my gateway drug. I can be all in healthy mode and the second I dip a warm corn chip, (lightly salted) in chunky spicy salsa and the gloves are off...its bring on the mayo and french fries from there! Curse you chips and salsa, I love you so.

            1. re: bubbles4me

              Oh, yeah. The number of summer evenings I have chips and salsa for dinner is something I'd rather not admit to.

              I'm also a sucker for sour cream on or in anything.

          2. I don't know why, but tortilla chips are my crack cocaine. Plain, with guacamole, with salsa, with whatever. If there is a bag in my kitchen I'm powerless.