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Jun 29, 2007 11:36 AM

Lunch joints in downtown San Diego

Staying in downtown San Diego for a wedding. Driving back to LA on Sunday. Would love recommendations for lunch/brunch. Have car, willing to drive! Looking for a great local joint. Love all food Asian but am open to all. Thanks!

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  1. Cafe Chloe has an awesome weekend brunch menu. The Croque Madame is excellent.

    1. Don't know if this will reach you before your trip, but our favorite is Hob Nob Hill. I know not a "foodie" place, but not many places like it left. Homemade roast beef hash, homemade chutney to go on top and homemade coffeecake on the side, good cup of can you go wrong? Breakfast served all day, lunch has too many choices, so we usually stick to breakfast.

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        Maybe I ordered all wrong when I went to Hob Nob, but that was by far, one of the worst places I've ever eaten breakfast. Ordered 2 eggs over easy (they came cold) with a side of bacon (partially cooked and cold) and toast (cold and slightly soggy).
        The atmosphere was dark and dingy and the waitress forgot about us and we didnt get coffee refills until we were almost done with our meal!

        Cantina Panaderia (changed the name, but can't remember what it is now) has great foods--located in Pacfic Beach. Also, Mission Cafe is yummy (though I've only been to their North Park location, not the Downtown one). I've heard that Cafe 222 is good for breakfast...

        1. re: sds

          Wow, sounds like none of our visits! Usually I have to fight off the coffee refills. I'd give it one more try, but not without the coffeecake. They have a different kind almost every day, blackberry is amazing. Have you heard anything about the new place downtown, Richard Walker's?

          1. re: lgoodwood

            Richard Walker's is more hype than substance. For the price, I'd rather go to Cafe 222 or Cafe Chloe. Really tasteless potato pancakes, crepes were underseasoned and not filling at all. Other comments on the board have noted greasy eggs and bad service.

          2. re: sds

            I had a few bad meals there and stopped going, but we went again recently and it was great - and no wait at all.

            I liked Richard Walkers' ok, but it probably depends on what you order. It's basically a clone of the Original Pancake House, but they have been so busy they've had trouble keeping the quality up. Cantina Panaderia's name is now Isabel's Cantina.

            As far as breakfast or lunch recommendations I would second Cafe Chloe. You also might want to head uptown to Bread and Cie, Mama Testa, Spread, The Mission, Dao Son, Soltan Banoo, Mama's Lebanese Bakery, Crest Cafe, Parkhouse Eatery or Cafe on Park. Influx is also a good place for quick breakfast or lunch just east of Downtown. I have links to some of these places on my blog -, or you can google them. Have fun and hope this gets to you in time!