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Jun 29, 2007 11:26 AM

HELP with snow pea shoot dumplings

hi all,

I am making a pea shoot dumpling recipe from the famous dim sum restaurant in San Francisco, Yank Sing, for my cookbook club this Sunday. The ingredients for the dough are wheat starch, tapioca starch, shortening and boiling water. You mix, mix, mix, then knead, then rest the dough and roll it into little 3-inch circles, very thin, before stuffing and steaming. My problem is that I have to transport them, and although it does say I can freeze the dumplings, the recipe gives no other instructions for ways to keep them. I figure I can either bring a stack of the rolled-out dumpling wrappers to the event and stuff and steam them there, or I can stuff them and put them in one layer in each steaming basket and refrigerate them until I have to get in the car, but I don't know which method will minimize disasters. Has anyone made any dumplings with a similar dough, and if so, do the rolled-out skins stick to one another if you stack them (the recipe says not to put flour on the rolling board--I don't know about putting cornstarch between the sheets)? And if I stuff them and then transport them before steaming them will they get soggy or something? If only I were just making them at home and eating them immediately this would be a lot more straightforward and less stressful, but since this is my first time making the dumpling skins from scratch I am anxious about it.


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  1. I haven't made that recipe but I'd make them and then freeze on a cookie sheet (so they don't touch), pop in ziplock bags and then transport in a cooler. If you stack them, they can stick to each other and you get one big globby mess.

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      Thanks--that sounds like a good approach. I worry that frozen won't be as good as fresh, but one big globby mess is definitely far from optimal.