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Jun 29, 2007 11:17 AM

Lunch recommendation for Tues July 3

I will be in town next Tuesday (July 3) and have a lunch window available from about noon to 2pm. I will be downtown (Post Office Square area) and am looking for a lunch venue. Price is no object, and I am looking for something interesting / creative. Tasting type menu would be a plus. I don’t mind a short (~15 minute) cab ride, but would prefer to keep it to that.

Let me know what you would suggest!

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  1. L'Espalier has a lunch prix-fix that includes rabbit confit and espresso-scented creme brulee. All quite tasty, but not mind-blowing. Service is impeccable.

    No. 9 Park does a lunch tasting menu that is both inventive and time-consuming.

    If O Ya is open for lunch, they are the sophisticated sushi option.

    Boston Public Meat in Back Bay has some great looking steaks, if that's your bag.

    1. I would highly recommend No. 9 Park (Park St.) for a tasting menu where "price is no object", and I would recommend calling them in advance to set it up- I prefer sitting at the bar there or ask for the chef's table overlooking the park..

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        Thanks for the replies. I tried No. 9 Park, but they are closed for lunch next week. I'll give them a try next trip. I booked L'Espalier -- any recs from their menu?