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Jun 29, 2007 11:17 AM

PHX: Anyone been to Wine Styles or Beyond the Grape?

Both are in the West Valley. Wine Styles is on Indian School Rd and Beyond the Grape is near 83rd and Union Hills (I think). Tips or recommendations for either one would be great! We are looking for a good wine selection with good food to offer at a decent/fair price and hoping that either (or both!) would fit the bill.


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  1. Been to both! Beyond the Grape is brand new and a lovely room. I have to send you here rather than Wine Styles because WS doesn't have ... food. It is just a store with tastings. Beyond the Grape does a fantastic cheese plate and when you go for dessert, go with the chocolate. Last I went I picked up two bottles of Hanna sauv blanc which is in the style I love for summer -- a little bit bottle shocked so it is almost frizzante -- and something else for $50.

    Another very good west valley wine bar option is Jug & Barrel, 59th and Union Hills. They have live music on Saturday and either Weds or Thurs, can't really remember, with killer staff specials and a great spiced sangria. They have a full-out chef and the food is really good. Again, please try the cheese plate, it is exceptional, and the blueberry panna cotta is nice if they have it.

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      do you remember what is on the menu at Beyond the Grape?

      Also, there's the wine and chocolate bar in the new Westgate Center. I think it's called sweet O.

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        No, I never saw a menu -- I was with a group of ladies for an occasion, hosted by a friend of one of the owners. We tasted six wines with four courses of small plates. There was the aforementioned gigantic cheese plate, crostini, a caesar salad, and tiramisu or flourless chocolate cake for dessert. It was good enough that we called the chef out for a hug, if that says anything. Of course we were half in the bag at that point and pretty giggly. It is a nice room, like I said, and they seem to have sought out good finds at good prices. It definitely goes into the happy hour rotation, for me.

    2. The owner of Beyond The Grape is a friend of mine whom was a server at our Grille Restaurant. I have not had a chance to get out there yet, but as he described the place they have both a market and a bar/restaurant sounding like a loungy version of Sportsman's.