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Jun 29, 2007 11:08 AM

Baltimore: Visiting soon, where to dine?

My wife and I will be in Baltimore in several weeks. Please help me find some great restaurants we can go to. We like: Indian, Greek / Lebanese, Organic / Vegetarian, and strangely Burgers. Are there any hidden gems that anyone can think of? Even if it doesn't fit the above mentioned cuisine, if it is a cool place, with excellent food, please help me.

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  1. Not sure what your price range is but 2 of my favorites are Ambassador Dining Room (Indian with outdoor seating) and the Black Olive. My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary at the Black Olive (greek/ Mediteranean) this weekend actually. Both are a little more pricey, but well worth it.

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        Try the Ambassador's Lunch buffet, it's cheap and still very good with a great selection of food. If you go on the weekends, i think it's $15 and includes all the mimosas you can mix yourself :)

      2. well, when i lived in baltimore, my favorite hangout was papermoon cafe. delicious sweet potato fries and very funky. definitely divey, fun -- i just always had fun there. xando cafe was also nice for a coffee/snack. have fun! make sure to go to ritas for a gelati!

        1. I'd recommend The Helmans in Mt. Vernon. Really good Afghan food, very veggie friendly and delicious. One of my favorite restaurants in the city. (Might want to make a reservation). Check out: for menu/contacts.

          1. There's a Greektown here, and you may want to do a search since it's been discussed recently here.

            My favs are Zorba's and Samos.

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              Second baltoellen's recs. Avoid Paper Moon. It's got a funky atmosphere, and is great for people watching, but the food isn't much.

              Stop at Faidley's for a crab cake while you're here -- it's in Lexington Market.

            2. Mezze in Fells Point is a great tapas restaurant - very reasonable. Next door to it is Kalis' Court which is same ownership - much more expensive - more fish oriented. There is a relatively new place in Inner Harbor East that is good - I think it may be a change called Lebanese Taverna I think - I haven't been but have heard good things. The Ambassador is quite popular - beautiful outdoor garden setting - we had horrible, horrible, service there two weeks ago. It is indian.