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Baltimore: Visiting soon, where to dine?

My wife and I will be in Baltimore in several weeks. Please help me find some great restaurants we can go to. We like: Indian, Greek / Lebanese, Organic / Vegetarian, and strangely Burgers. Are there any hidden gems that anyone can think of? Even if it doesn't fit the above mentioned cuisine, if it is a cool place, with excellent food, please help me.

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  1. Not sure what your price range is but 2 of my favorites are Ambassador Dining Room (Indian with outdoor seating) and the Black Olive. My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary at the Black Olive (greek/ Mediteranean) this weekend actually. Both are a little more pricey, but well worth it.

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        Try the Ambassador's Lunch buffet, it's cheap and still very good with a great selection of food. If you go on the weekends, i think it's $15 and includes all the mimosas you can mix yourself :)

      2. well, when i lived in baltimore, my favorite hangout was papermoon cafe. delicious sweet potato fries and very funky. definitely divey, fun -- i just always had fun there. xando cafe was also nice for a coffee/snack. have fun! make sure to go to ritas for a gelati!

        1. I'd recommend The Helmans in Mt. Vernon. Really good Afghan food, very veggie friendly and delicious. One of my favorite restaurants in the city. (Might want to make a reservation). Check out: www.helmand.com for menu/contacts.

          1. There's a Greektown here, and you may want to do a search since it's been discussed recently here.

            My favs are Zorba's and Samos.

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              Second baltoellen's recs. Avoid Paper Moon. It's got a funky atmosphere, and is great for people watching, but the food isn't much.

              Stop at Faidley's for a crab cake while you're here -- it's in Lexington Market.

            2. Mezze in Fells Point is a great tapas restaurant - very reasonable. Next door to it is Kalis' Court which is same ownership - much more expensive - more fish oriented. There is a relatively new place in Inner Harbor East that is good - I think it may be a change called Lebanese Taverna I think - I haven't been but have heard good things. The Ambassador is quite popular - beautiful outdoor garden setting - we had horrible, horrible, service there two weeks ago. It is indian.

              1. if you like really good, gourmet pizza, try iggies on calvert. as close as neopolitan next to 2 amys in d.c

                1. I second Mezze, Samos, and Zorba's. Lebanese Taverna is also excellent. Helmand's and Lebanese Taverna are both great for mixed groups of omnivores and vegetarians. Helmand's is really not to be missed. Make sure you try the baby pumpkin appetizer and the lamb chops. For burgers, Dizzy Izzie's in Remington.

                  1. If you like Thai, try Thairish on N. Charles street (north of the monument, on the left). Kim's food is amazing but he is the Soup Nazi of Thai food - don't even think about asking for substitutions, etc. It's a very small place - I only get takeout there and can't remember if it has seating - if they do, it's just a few tables.

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                      I've never really like Thairish. What do you recommend from there? Maybe I jsut order wrong.