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Jun 29, 2007 10:34 AM

Tonight, no reservations, where can I go?

I just received a late invitation for dinner tonight and am not sure where I can go at this late notice without a reservation. Anywhere in SF is fair game, price is not an object. I'm dying to try out restaurants such as Perbacco, La Ciccia, and Bar Crudo, but am open to any place decent that will take us. We are fine to sit at the bar/counter as well, and willing to wait up to an hour for seating as long as there is a bar we can wait at. Please help me as I generally plan a bit more ahead than this!

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  1. I'd scan Open Table for any exciting possibilities for tonight -- it's a holiday weekend (sort of) so I see lots of openings, including at places like Aziza and Two. You could also try giving the places that you listed above a call to see what the normal wait is like.

    1. I've had no trouble getting same-day reservations at either Perbacco or Bar Crudo. You can book right through OpenTable.

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      1. re: shortexact

        thanks! If I were to choose between the three I first listed, which one would you recommend?

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          I've never been to La Ciccia, but I've really been wanting to try it, as I've heard great things. You'll probably find some reports on here.

          Perbacco I've been to twice; one time was great, another time was so-so. From what I can tell, others seem to have mixed reactions as well. Here's a recent post I wrote comparing my two visits, and the rest of this thread has more opinions:

          I really enjoy Bar Crudo. The entire menu is seafood, so if either you or your companion isn't gung-ho about seafood, it may be not as good of a choice. They offer lots of fresh shellfish, usually between 4-6 crudos, and some other dishes: nice ones include the lobster salad and the seafood chowder, which is delicious but quite rich. The menu doesn't change quite as often as I'd like, but if it's your first time there, you won't be bothered by that :-)

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            I'd pick La Ciccia if I could get a reservation, it's tiny and popular so that's dubious for tonight. If they were full I'd try Incanto, they often have last-minute reservations.

            Bar Crudo's also tiny and popular but it doesn't hurt to phone and ask about cancellations.

        2. Sometimes, but very rarely, you can get reservations at Quince if you call early enough in the morning. It's not likely, but definitely worth a try:

          1. I would never recommend going to La Ciccia on a Friday night without a reservation; it is very small and you are likely to be (regretfully) turned away. I've seen it happen almost every time I've been there, whether a weekend or not. Their bar is very small, perhaps four or five stools, and is not a reliable alternative.

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              What is everyone's opinion on Sociale? It looks to have one of the more reasonable time slots available on Open Table.

              1. re: teresalynne

                If you are in the mood for good homey fare some dishes on the heavy side comfort food, then it's a fun place to go.. very different from the ones above.

                1. re: teresalynne

                  I liked Sociale...didn't love it. The service was great though, and the patio is totally adorable.

                2. re: susancinsf

                  Yes, but if you called La Ciccia right now they might be able to squeeze you in. That would be my first choice.

                  1. re: Ruth Lafler

                    That is my first choice too, but their answering machine says no one will be there until 2:30. I spoke with Perbacco and they said if we just show up we should be able to get in if we are willing to wait up to an hour - that is Plan B. Thank you for your help!

                    1. re: teresalynne

                      I'm probably way too late on this, but I just checked Open Table and Myth has a table at 6 -- their food is GREAT!

                      1. re: dinnerout

                        Thanks all - I actually called La Ciccia when the opened and was able to get in! They even had decent times - 6:30 or 8:30 - I'm excited to try it!

                3. IMO, your best option is to call Slanted Door at EXACTLY 5:30pm and speak with the hostess. She will give you a good time.