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Jun 29, 2007 09:46 AM

DC visitor seeking special dinner - not Komi

I'm in town from LA for a wedding next weekend and looking for a place that's open Thursday July 5th. Komi was highly recommended by friends, but is closed for renovations. Looking for something American and DC-ish if possible. We dont want anything too fancy or stuffy (absolutely no places with dress codes - we are from LA where flip flops are considered black tie-appropriate) but cost is not a major drama. We are staying near Dupont Circle. Thanks!

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  1. I think you would really enjoy Cashion's Eat Place in Adams Morgan. The menu is really wonderful and plays upon local produce and fresh ingrediants of the season. I think the menu changes almost daily. They have a nice wine list and friendly service. It's really tasty food in a neighborhood restaurant environment.

    They are open on Thursdays both for dinner and lunch. They also have outdoor seating which is nice in the summer...even if you can't snag a seat outside they usually keep the front of the house open to the outside so you can do some key Adams Morgan people watching in as you enjoy your dinner.

    Another fun option would be closer to Gallery Place/Chinatown at Cafe Atlantico. A very hip vibe going on with a very inventive Nuevo Latino menu. If you are planning enough in advance you could try to stag a reservation at the MiniBar..the teeny tiny 6-seater restaurant within the main restaurant. This is a very unique option---one of the only places like in in America...gaining quite a bit of influence from El Bulli in Spain. I've never been to Mini Bar (waiting for someone to treat me...any takers?) but from what I hear it is quite the culinary experience. It's pre-fixe with multiple courses (not sure how many...but its quite a bit of small bites)

    In Dupont Circle itself I would check out Hank's Oyster Bar. Seeing that you are coming from the West Coast, this restaurant with give you a great taste of East Coast seafood (including a delicious lobster roll). They also have non-seafood items including a great meats + two deal every night...and of course oysters! Casual, friendly environment. I LOVE the waitstaff there!

    1. Also Palena front room, they don't have a dress code, the back room is fancier, it is in Cleaveland Park.

      Or Central very good, but you could swing flip flops there.

      1. Corderoy but no flip flops.

        1. Obelisk! Obelisk! Obelisk!

          Virtually anything is appropriate to wear there (wicker chairs, server in jeans). It is just off Dupont Circle. Best Italian in DC. Menu changes daily but expect a 4 or 5 course meal at approximately $65/person.

          I wouldn't wear flip-flops or cut-offs, though :)

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            No offense -- but if the OP plans to google the restaurant, it's "Obelisk".

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              HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!

              I was dyslexic three times in a row!!!!!!! ;-)

          2. I second Cafe Atlantico, Obelisk and Central.
            Not sure if any will be closed though.
            There is absolutely no need to even think about Corduroy. It is shabby and inside a hotel!