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Jun 29, 2007 09:44 AM

Bronxville & Yonkers Buzz

Seems like the "Rosie's Bistro" gang in Bronxville took over the the failed Latitude across from the Post Office and jumped right in and took over Scarborough Fair. Seems the old Latitude will be a steak house and the latter will server Italian. Yippee. Another Italian restaurant. Just what we need.

I have many pictures of my experience at X20 on the Hudson. I’m at a loss for words. I will post them when my account on Chow allows it.

Wild Ginger in Bronxville is not for Sushi lovers. I doubt Haiku has any worries with regard to competition.

I finally caught a glimpse of the new restaurant opening on Midland Avenue in Yonkers (across from Taras). The buzz about this place has been circulating for the past year and from what I saw, it’s gonna’ be worth the wait. The owner is naming is simply “O”. Sort of like Trotters lounge style.

Has anyone been to the old Spinning Wheel in Bronxville? They turned it into a very trendy New York City style lounge. Worth visiting.

Anyone have any info regarding the old Seafood Peddler changing over to Mexican? Can't wait for some new Mexican so as not to suffer the pains of Casa Maya.

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  1. billyparsons, are you saying that the rosie's people will now own three restaurants in town? doesn't the bronxville board of commerce feel that this is an issue? i am very surprised, what with all i have heard recently about nyc resturateurs looking northward for venues. i would imgine that there should be some good competition to open a locale in B'ville, considering the town's popularity with non-residents. maybe bronxville is just afraid of getting some truly different, interesting food options (no offense to Haiku, which I do enjoy). on a side note, billy, have you ever eaten at Kraft Bistro? I am intrigued, but have not tried it yet. thanks for the info

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      Yes. The Rosie's crew will now operate 3 restaurants in Bronxville. Can they get away with it? Sure. Problem in Westchester is that there is simply a lack of competition. Rosie's is extremely inconsistent and still packs the people in. Where elses you gonna' go? With regard to Kraft, sure I've been there. It's "good". But be warned, if you sit at the bar, they'll refill your drink before it's done and charge you. My friends and I have actually coined a phrase called "krafting" where a bartender will add wine to your glass when it's not empty and charge you full price. Zagat was pretty much "on point" giving them a 19 out of 30 for food.

      1. re: billyparsons

        "...where a bartender will add wine to your glass when it's not empty and charge you full price."


        But can this happen more than once? Like Reka's owner sitting at your table and then charging you for the food she 'graciously' orders for you, wouldn't everyone be on the lookout for this to happen?

        Refill my glass? Why thank you, you've just bought me a drink, barkeep.

        Sheesh. What ARE these restauranteurs thinking?

        1. re: dolores

          Until the Rekas situation gets some publicity it will not stop. I had someone interested in looking into it but I could not find contact info for either of the two people who had posted about it here. If it has happened to you and you're interested in speaking to someone contact me at my screen name here less the 2 but add 99, at

      2. I was at the Spinning Wheel the other night after dinner at Rosie's. It was fine. Nothing to write home about. Indifferent service, ok drinks.
        As for the 3 restos in one town, if they do it well then why would anyone have issue with it?
        Look at Rye for example, the three most popular restos are owned by the same group.
        Rye Grill, Ruby's, and the new Morgans.
        If they build it well they will come, and so will I.

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        1. re: momof3

          momof3, i see what you're saying. If the restaurants are great, it should not be a problem. However, aside from the theoretical issue I had with Rosie's opening 2 more locales, and somewhat dampening the opportunity for competition, I happen to feel that Rosie's is way overrated, and far from great Italian food. I guess they manage to keep it profitable though, and new B'ville resturants seem to have trouble sticking around.
          As for Rye, I do like Ruby's, but I have to say, I think WaterMoon and Koo are better restaurants than the others you mentioned. Have you tried them?

          1. re: vvvindaloo

            Yes, I love the food at Watermoon, the service has always been and remains atrocious.
            I haven't been to Morgans yet, but friends of mine have and have raved.
            I found Rosie's to be a bit overrated as well. Food was good, but I had very high expectations based on CH and other reviews.

            1. re: momof3

              If you like Watermoon you should like Wild Ginger in Bronxville, the same owners.

              1. re: Jim P

                I was at Wild Ginger and had a sushi roll with lobster. I ate it and threw up into my napkin. It tasted like rotten mayo. With Haiku as a benchmark for sushi in Bronxville, it's hard to take Wild Ginger serious. Although it is very trendy inside.

        2. Love Underhills Crossing. It's understandable why it has had staying power. Actually a good value for an upscale place in an upscale town. Beautiful inside, servers try very hard, and food is very nice. The raw bar oysters are particularly good and they have a great variety. Definitely worlds above places like Rosies.

          1. The new Mexican place that took over from the Seafood Peddler won't be opening anytime soon as they failed their inspection. Hopefully they'll make the changes and get it underway.

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            1. re: eclecticladyland

              Health? Building Department? How did you find out?

              1. re: billyparsons

                it's open now... saw people coming from it/banners, etc... will probably have to try it soon.

            2. The original comment has been removed