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Jun 29, 2007 09:08 AM

Flour Tortillas

Just wondering what I can do besides make burritos with my tortillas. I went to a party once where they wrapped stuff into the tortilla and then they rolled the it up tight and cut them into pieces for an appetizer. I don't recall what was in them but yummy. Any ideas on this would be good. thx

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  1. Gosh, there are a lot of things you can do with flour tortillas. Pinwheels can be made with anything. I like turkey or ham smeared with Phillie veggie cream cheese spread. Any variation on this would work. I've seen fruit rollups (acting as the meat) smeared with strawberry neufchatel and rolled in tortilla which was dusted with confect. sugar.

    Wraps are another good use for flour tortillas. Anything can be put in a wrap.
    Scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage & cheese wrapped in a tortilla is a breakfast on the go. Leftovers, turkey & dressing, chicken salad w/cashews & basil, turkey & provolone w/chipotle mayonaise . . . you get the picture. Also, a sopapilla (sp?) is good. Lightly coat with butter, sprinkle with sugar & cinnamon and broil until bubbly (kinda like Mexican cinnamon toast). Or just drizzle with honey.

    Cut into strips, fry & use in place of wontons or top a taco salad with them. Season them with whatever floats your boat and use them instead of croutons in any kind of salad.

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      Yes, sheilal is right--you were eating pinwheels, rolled up and sliced down. There are a ton of variations of them. You could also use the flour tortillas in many Mexican or Tex-mex casseroles; though I prefer corn tortillas for that purpose, I've seen loads of casserole recipes using flour tortillas, (sort of a Mexican lasagne, if you will).

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        "Mock" Peking Duck: Cooked chicken, scallion, hoisin. Not gourmet, but beats the heck out of another "get in and out of the kitchen in 5 minutes" sandwich.

      2. My hubbie loves these thai chicken wraps. (I won't say what food network chef they're from, but her name starts with R and ends with Ray.. don't hate me...)
        Good weeknight dinner meal.

        Thai Chicken Wraps

        1. Search Guy's Big Bite on the Food Network, he made a tortilla cake on his saturday or sunday show a couple of weeks ago that looked pretty tasty. If I get a chance I'll look for it.

          1. Quesadillas.
            And make some guacamole to go with either one.

            1. Any type of luncheon meat with sliced cheese & lettuce
              BLT wraps
              Rice & Kimchi wraps
              Egg & any thing wraps
              Use leftover steak, chicken, pork - shred & wrap with cucumber strips, loose leaf lettuce, & steamed carrot strips.