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Jun 29, 2007 08:45 AM

dookey chase

Sitting here in our room on Bourbon Street and trying to plan our day.
Went to Felix's for lunch yesterday..wish we had made another choice. We were served 2 bowls of Gumbo with nothing but broth and rice. Come on...had to send that back and it was returned with a few oysters. Dinner at the new Drago's location was enjoyable with the oysters being the favorite. Still looking for good ole gumbo. Thinking about Coops for today but wondering where to find Dookey Chase.
Can't find any info on menu or location of Dookey Chase. Will anyone offer help please...and advice.

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      1. re: speyerer

        I feel compelled to defend the honor of an 81-year-old local institution (I mean Ms. Chase, not the restaurant). That thread only shows that no one on it knows the whole story. Stick to the facts, please.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I have personally spoken with Leah Chase over the last few months and every time I ask her when the restaurant will open I get the same answer "Next month." She and her family need to make a decision.

          1. re: speyerer

            "Next month" (even repeatedly) is quite different from "took the money and ran". Thanks for the clarification.

          2. re: Hungry Celeste

            Thanks for this. Leah (one 'a') actually turned 85 on Jan 6. How anybody could trash her for what happened to her place after Katrina is beyond me, but go figure. I never met the lady, but saw her on a 'cooking with Julia' doing her fried chicken and really wished/wish I could go to NOLA and get some...

      2. If you don't make it to Dooky Chase, head over to Esplanade and have the gumbo at Lil' Dizzy's.

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I certainly second that recommendation. One of the few restaurants to serve a "true" homestyle gumbo, and it's awesome!

        2. I would have to say Felix is a bit of a trap unless you're there for 1/2 shells and even then head across the street to Acme. Dooky Chase used to be on Poland Ave down in the 9th ward have no idea what the status is down there, but the food was ok at best pre K. Coops is a good place for lunch or maybe the praline connection down on Chartres and Frenchman??Good luck

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          1. re: Big Cicada

            Dooky located at 2301 Orleans Ave.

            1. re: Big Cicada

              pretty sure dooky chase has always been on orleans. maybe you're thinking of jack dempsey's? i would agree with your "ok at best" assessment of jack dempsey's but not dooky chase, which has always been outstanding at best.

            2. Dooky Chase was scheduled to open in April 2007. However, a phone call today got me a 'we are opening soon' message, so I think they are still closed. Too bad... We are heading to NO in October and would love to go there...

              1. Mr. B's has very good gumbo.