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Jun 29, 2007 08:42 AM

Banana Ketchup in Toronto?

Hubby was talking about banana ketchup last night and swears it's sold in Toronto. Anyone know if it is?


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  1. In NY we can usually find this filipino condiment in Chinatown supermarkets - I think I have seen this in T&T supermarkets in Toronto - not sure - but that could be a good place to try first.

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    1. re: FoodCad

      We've bought it at the Warden and Steeles, and the Middlefield T&Ts.

    2. You should be able to find Jufran banana sauce in the Filipino section of any of the larger oriental supermarkets. In Scarborough, Lone Tai, Soon Lee or Sheung Thai.

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      1. re: squingy

        No Frills, Dufferin Mall had it.

      2. I've seen it at the supermarket on the north-east corner of Dundas and Spadina (forget the name).

        1. i haven't seen a filipino store that doesn't carry it. along st.clair there's quite a few, up bathurst too. in scarborough area there's a few.
          some chinese/viet grocery stores have it - depends on where you are (ie the one at finch/bathurst has it since so many filipinos live in the area) i've seen it at all the t&t's at one point in time and in downtown chinatown.

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          1. re: T.O.chowfan

            East Indian/Caribbean shops carry it, too.