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Jun 29, 2007 07:21 AM

singapore chili crab festival

does anyone know when the singapore crab festival happens?

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    1. What's the deal with this event? Has the food been good in the past? What do they have? Is there an entrace fee, etc.?

      According to the website:
      August 19th
      Noon to 6pm
      Riverview between 49th and 50th Aves.

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      1. re: Joe MacBu

        I went a few years ago and found the Chili Crab mediocre, plus the music was too loud for my taste. I wouldn't recommend it. Go to Chinatown and have a crab dish at Skyway, instead.

      2. I went when it was in Dumbo. It was a huge letdown. Crowded, exspensive, and small portions of crab. There wasnt an entry fee. They used the ticket system and they dont take refunds on unused tickets so plan wisely what you want.

        My main problem was the seating there was no place to sit and you need both hands to eat a very messy chili crab and no place to discard the shells. Plus most of it was broth and they give you a piece a bread for it. The chili curry was very mild and a bit on the bland side. After thats all done trying to find extra napkins for my messy paws no where in sight. Lucky we spotted the only hose to rinse off.

        There were other food stalls there but didnt try them after all the hassle with eating the crab. I do hope the next one in LIC is better organized it could be a good event.

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        1. re: mingt

          I agree. My big beef was that lack of seating. Do you know how difficult it was to sit on a curb, balance that saucy plate of crab on your knees, pick at the crab and try to keep your fingers clean? I felt that the chili curry was pretty spicy, though (I went the first year).

          Maybe I'll check out the LIC one this year. I hope they learn from their former mistakes.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            Ugh, such a nightmare. I went a few years ago and swore I would never go back. If you like long lines, struggling to suck tiny flakes of crab off a meatless claw, dealing with a beer shortage and navigating through a packed crowd, then definitely go check it out.