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Jun 29, 2007 07:07 AM

Fun food and music in the burbs

My husband and I are always looking for fun places to have dinner and listen to some live music, without making the trip into the city. Any suggestions for some restaurants in the eastern burbs that offer live music, or a fun atomsphere?

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  1. check out Taylor's at the olde mill great food and lots of fun with live blues and jazz they are closed monday and tuesday. I know what you are thinking bad neighborhood. its well lit and very well looked after. great mix of people every day. I think there is a $5 cover thurs fri and sat but it is worth checking out. food is outstanding the ribs are to die for.

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      Sunday nights at High Street Caffe in West Chester...
      many Irish restaurants have live music
      haven't been yet, but I know Gypsy Rose has Sunday Jazz Brunch

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        Can anyone attest to whether the food and the music are worthwhile at Gypsy Rose? Thanks!

        1. re: Laura D.

          It's my understanding the Gypsy Rose closed suddenly a couple months ago.

    2. It's not music during dinner, so much, as dinner then music, but the Washington House and Sellersville Theater are a good combo. WH is pretty decent food, and the bands that come through ST can be killer (English Beat tonight, I think.) I think the website is

      1. A co-worker really enjoyed The Shanachie Irish pub in Ambler

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          I can vouch for Shanachie on Butler Pike. Good atmosphere, good in-house music (if you're in the mood for irish folk & traditional tunes), reasonable prices, pretty good beer selection. One of the better pints of Guinness that I've had in the area.

          1. YOu should check out the Los Manatees. They are a great band. They play at Agave, KC Alley, Scoogi's and a couple other local places.