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Jun 29, 2007 06:54 AM

leaving for spain tonight - can i bring back iberican ham??

there's no definitive answer anywhere i've been looking online. i know it's cleared for import but i don't know if you can carry it over yourself. i'd also be willing to mail some to myself if anyone knows the rules on that.

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  1. Just eat it before you leave.

      1. Here's a good thread for you:

        A US Customs and Border Patrol guy answers questions about what can and cannot be brought back into the US.

        But since you're leaving tonight, the short answer is no.

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          You're over the Atlantic by now, but from that USC&BP post, which is quite fascinating...

          APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, a division of US Dept' of Ag) regulates the importation of swine meat products in general due to the risk of Swine Fever and Hoof-and-Mouth disease. In the case of Spain in particular, swine
          products are prohibited because (as of Dec. 2005) there are no USDA-certified slaughterhouses in Spain.

        2. No. Only certain hams produced at certain facilities are cleared for US export. Until this year, they were all Danish-raised. There is now a Spanish-raised ham but I doubt you will find it in the market.

          But...good luck anyway >=)

          1. This is the US Customs page on restricted prohibited items:

            For specific questions you can write or call:
            You may write to USDA-APHIS Veterinary Services National Center for Import/Export (NCIE), 4700 River Road, Unit 40, Riverdale, MD 20737-1231; or call (301) 734-7830.