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Jun 29, 2007 06:34 AM

How do I reheat paella?

My microwave is out of commission and I was wondering if it's better to reheat paella in a pot on the stove or in a baking dish in the oven?

Is this kind of dish any good reheated?


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  1. well if it has seafood, all of it is going to dry you might have to take it all out before you reheat it

    1. If you have a bamboo steamer -- that might be the way to go. Put it on a plate on the top tier and cover for 5 minutes. It doesn't take long. It shouldn't dry it out that way.

      1. Put it in an ovenproof container and add between a half cup to one cup of water to the rice for a portion that looks like it would fill a large Chinese takeout countainer (1 QT). Add more water for greater quantities. The water should be stirred in or poured over. While you don't want the food floating in the water, don't be afraid of getting it too wet -- the rice will absorb it and it will make a nice steamy environment to keep the fish moist. Cover the container tightly with foil and not the container's cover, (the foil heats faster and you don't want to heat this for an hour) and heat at 350 degrees until it is heated thoroughly, maybe something like 20 to 25 minutes for most leftover portions. A really large portion might even require a slightly hotter oven. If it is a large amount, you may also need to stir it mid-way. It will never taste exactly the same, but this comes close. Remember, when it is first cooked, it is cooked in an oven in an uncovered shallow paella pan, so the rice and seafood tend to dry out a little while making the original dish. Adding water is always a good way to reheat anything with rice -- even in a microwave. Just keep checking so that you don't overdo the reheating process -- that will make the shrimp tough. You want to catch this while it is hot but not overdone. One more thing -- I have assumed this is a seafood paella. If there are large pieces of chicken, you may want to pull those out and heat in a separate pan. Use water on the bottom and cover the same way. Chicken takes the longest to reheat, especially if the pieces are large (say, thigh or bigger).