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Jun 29, 2007 06:21 AM

Favorite Rockland restaurant for a romantic meal?

Looking for a great Rockland restauarant for an anniversary - 2 people, 30's. Anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. L'Artista in Orangeburg has very good Italian food in a nice, art-filled setting. Depending on the day and time they might also have a pianist playing light classical music (or, for that matter, an opera recital). Call them for details.

    Change, on Main St. in Nyack, is a restaurant for adults. Interesting, sophisticated and tasty food served in a setting that matches.

    1. I would recommend Xavier's in Piermont.
      In Nyack I would recommend Hudson House. I will have to disagree with Change as an option. I found their food to to be only ok. The menu was litmited and the portions were microscopic, and I this coming from someone who hates huge restaurant portions.
      Good luck!

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        Thanks - we looked into X20, but they're of course booked till August. I'll look into your suggestions, thanks!

        1. re: Divaleh

          Hudson House in Nyack might be a good choice. In addition to Xavier's in Piermont, you could try Restaurant X in Congers. And I'm not sure I'd call it romantic, but the food and service are both lovely at Relish in Sparkill. Wherever you go, happy anniversary.