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Jun 29, 2007 06:20 AM

Fresh Fig Ideas?

I recently discovered fresh figs and made a purchase of many of them from whole foods when I saw them put out. Im not sure how long they stay good and enjoy eating them on their own but I was looking for some other ideas on what I can possibly do with them.

Any suggestions as a way to dip, be part of a dip, dessert, meal, anything would be greatly appreciated??

Thank you.

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  1. cut an x into the top of the fig, stuff with blue cheese, bake, and drizzle with honey

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    1. re: bitsubeats

      along the same lines, stuff with a dab of blue cheese, wrap in a piece of proscuitto and broil for a few minutes

      stuff with foi gras and then wrap in prosuitto and broil

    2. Wrap in proscuito, skewer, drizzle with balsamic vinegar and grill. You will swoon.

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      1. re: SweetPea

        very similar idea. stuff with goat cheese, wrap with prosciutto, brush with balsamic glaze and grill.

      2. The fig tart in "The Last Course" by Claudia Fleming is seriously delicious. Some of the figs are used to make a jam for the filling, with the rest reserved for generously topping the tart,

        A friend makes a chicken & fig dish that's also good. I believe it was a NYTimes recipe from a few years ago. Google around, as I suspect there are other chicken/fig dishes.

        And I second the fig/bleu cheese and fig/prosciutto bits others have suggested. Terrific combos.

        1. I've used the basic Chicken Marbella recipe from Silver Palate, reduced the oregano, and substituted figs in there. Rave reviews.

          1. A really great salad idea from Ursula Ferrigno's book Truly Italian: Rocket (arugula) and fig salad. 8 ounces of arugula mixed with quartered fresh figs (be generous with the figs, i use 6-8 figs cut into quarters). Mix 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice with 2-3 tablespoons of the best extra virgin olive oil as you can find. dress salad with mixture, then sea salt, and fresh ground black pepper to taste, good to go. If you like arugula, this is a fantastic salad.