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Jun 29, 2007 06:19 AM

TV Chef - what was his name?

During college back in the early 90s I used to watch a couple of TV chefs on local PBS, and I can't seem to remember the one guy's name.

In my area (Philly) - his show came on in the afternoon, so I could catch him between classes on most days. There was as few shows in a row, Frugal Gourmet (Jeff Smith), Yan can Cook , Graham Kerr, and this guy that whose name I can't remember.

He was a little bit roley poley, had a white beard, and I seem to remember him being Canadian. I'm also pretty sure he would sometimes where a hat. And he was Canadian - perhaps from BC. I seem to recall him making a mixture or gourmet and rustic dishes, right up my ally.

Ringing a bell?

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    1. I think you mean teh Urban Peasant--James Barber. That show made me squirm --it was so bad " Open up a can of peas and throw it in--it's not in the recipe but I do it and so can you"--Ouch!!

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        That's the guy! There's a good chance he might make me squirm today, but remember it's been almost 15 years!


      2. The white beard made me think of Burt Wolf. His show was a mix of travel and cooking though, and I have no idea if he's Canadian. I watched his show very regularly during my formative CH years.

        1. I avoid that show. Barber has a very odd on going joke about his mother calling. The phone rings and he pretends to talk to her. Don't like his food either. He's a bargan basement version of the Frugal Gourmet.