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Jun 29, 2007 06:11 AM

Best sushi in South Florida?

Unlimited budget, anywhere between (and including) Ft. Lauderdale to South Beach. Who has the absolute best sushi? A good sake list is also a plus. As is good cooked fish.

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  1. Hands down -- my recommendation would be Matsuri in the shopping center at the intersection of Red Road and Bird Road in Miami/Coral Gables.

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    1. re: lauderdale75

      Masamune in Deerfield and Japango in Parkland.

      Japango has a really great menu with a lot of innovative dishes on it. Ask to sit in front of Kevin, the owner. He makes some killer sushi appetizers. They play funky music and it's very industrial in there.

      Masamune is a small, quiet place and they play jazz. I love their sashimi and rolls.

    2. Are you looking for traditional sushi (Matsuri) or fusion (Nobu)? My new favorite is Sozo sushi in Wilton Manors (the monkfish nigiri is amazing).The restaurant only specializes in sushi, very limited on cooked food. But age tofu is very good when they have it.

      Also can't go wrong with Matsuri, but don't look for an atmosphere. However, if you decide to go to Nobu, the door opens at 6:30, not too much pretentiousness at that time!

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      1. re: Rimtalay

        I am looking for traditional sushi -- just plain super-good/fresh fish. I have never been a huge Nobu fan.

        1. re: Rimtalay

          Nobu's sushi is not even the best in south beach, let alone south florida.

        2. Nobu is great (but expensive).
          Try the New Style Sashimi w/ Fluke, Spicy Rock Shrimp, and Miso Black Cod.
          Then lets talk.

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          1. re: JonasBrand

            If that comment was directed at me. I order those things every time I go there. None of those dishes are sushi.

            Btw, went a few weeks ago and I though it was not as good as usual. Not sure if it was just me being tired of the same dishes or they had a bad night or it is going a bit downhill.

            1. re: tpigeon

              I went about a month or so ago and did the omakase and was underwhelmed. You're not alone.

            2. re: JonasBrand

              Nobu is great (though I haven't been there in 6 months) but not for the sushi. And as tpigeon points out, the items listed above are not sushi.

              1. re: diablita FL

                Has anyone tried the sushi counter at the Japanese market on the 79th St. causeway?

                1. re: lax2mia

                  I had sushi there once. It was pretty good but I prefer tonkatsu with Japanese curry.

                  1. re: Rimtalay

                    Sushi Deli! When I leave work early enough to get there before they close, that's one of my favorite treats. Particularly like the Marie Roll (very flavorful spicy tuna), ceviche roll (just what it sounds like, unorthodox but tasty), and the battera roll (a traditional box-style sushi w/ mackerel).

                      1. re: Sobe

                        Found it

                        Sushi Deli
                        1412 79th St Cswy
                        Miami Beach, FL
                        Located inside a little Japanese market (that’s nearly impossible to see from the road), this place has a Japanese-trained veteran sushi chef who turns out a limited selection of what insiders consider among Miami’s top sushi.

                        1. re: Sobe

                          I regularly go to Shibui and Sushi Rock in Miami (South Miami/Kendall areas), they're both consistantly very good though I probably wouldn't say the best.

                          Bond Street on Miami Beach is great, it is regularly written up as top notch, though atmosphere can be a little cramped and loud, I'd say definitely worth it.

                          1. re: fishermb

                            Well, i know it may not be the top sushi in all of soflo, but i must confess that both Fuji Hana and Kampai in Aventura offer consistently great sushi. I might go to Fuji Hana again tonight! I probably visit them once to twice a month, sometimes even more if I don't feel like cooking ;)

                            1. re: SarahOM

                              Sarah, for better sushi in that area, try Asaka in the Promenade shops. The restaurant isn't as nice inside, but the fish quality is excellent, and better than Fuji Hana and Kampai, although those aren't bad.

                              1. re: diablita FL

                                Hi Diablita, I have been there before, believe it or not after a hurricane. Did not get the sushi since Aventura was half powered and half not...hehehe It was ok. ill have to go give it a shots since the time I went is def not the time to critique it. Thanks!

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. --Matsuri has great, no - excellent traditional sushi and traditional Japanese food, but very limited sake.
                --Yakko-san in North Miami has good (not really mind blowing) Japanese food, (but I do crave the crispy oysters) and a decent sake menu and very well priced.
                --Sushi Samba on Lincoln is fusion (Peru, Brazil, Japan), but they have great quality sashimi and I'm a huge fan of their sake list. They have over 60 bottles in many sizes and price ranges.

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                1. re: lianas

                  Read from other posters recently that Matsuri is closing for the summer for remodeling.
                  Yakko-San does sashimi but no nigiri or maki and I find the food (mostly Japanese "tapas"-style dishes) to be far better than just good.
                  I have found Sushi Samba's sushi quality to be extremely variable. Indeed my last time there the hamachi was most definitely "off" (had it in both a ceviche and as nigiri), we told the server, and they were not the least bit concerned (and did not take it off the bill).