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Jun 29, 2007 06:00 AM

bobbi flay restaurants in NYC

Has anyone been to any of the Bobbi Flay's restaurant in NYC.
Would you recommend it, or is it just hype...
I'm curious about them, since I watch so much food network. You can't not help but to see him on tv.

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  1. You might want to go to the Manhattan board with this question but I've been to Mr. Flay's Bar Americain. Relaxed atmosphere (unlike Batali's Babbo which is quite formal), very good and unique food, kind of like an upscale American Bistro.

    It's probably as good as any restaurant you'd find in Toronto (maybe even the best) but I wouldn't say it's among the best of Manhattan, at least not in the class of L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Per Se or Jean George (all of which are also more expensive). However, I would definitely recommend it as a place to bring your family for a casual (albeit expensive!) dinner.

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      His Mesa Grill on 15th St. and 5th Ave isn't all that great. Noisy, packed ... and the food (Mexican fusion I guess) isn't all that great to begin with. Bobby Flay has become a "brand" and he's done extremely well for himself. But I think it's at the expense of his actual restaurants.

    2. Been to all of them - enjoyed all of them. It's a hot button topic here tho. He gets a lot of flak around here.

      I happen to like Mesa Grill, although I do think the one in Las Vegas is a step above the NYC location. I was there rather recently. Food was exactly what I expected it to be, having been to the LV outpost. I had no complaints, nor did my friend.

      I also enjoyed my meal at Bar Americain. But I was there when it first opened and some people have had recent complaints. It was good basic, but upscale comfort food. I had a very good boiled lobster in a vanilla/basil sauce that night - it was a special. Had to stop myself from drinking up all the broth.

      Bolo, his Spanish style restaurant is nice too. Haven't been there in many years tho, but do remember being very impressed with the meal.

      My feeling about him is that yes, he gets a lot of hype, but I don't think that his cooking itself is hype. When I eat at one of his places, I do feel that I am at a "Flay" restaurant. You'll have to judge yourself, if curious enough.

      Again, just my own opinion. I'm sure lots of other people will say otherwise :-)

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        I agree with you and I like the three NY restaurants well enough, although I give the distinct edge to Bolo. The room was serene, the food strikingly good and the service was lovely.

        1. re: Deb Van D

          Bolo serene? Not when we were there on a busy Friday night a couple of years ago. Not that it was uncomfortably noisy, but it certainly had an upbeat vibe. I thought the food was excellent and definitely deserving of the three stars it had just been awarded by Grimes in the "NY Times." We subsequently went for lunch, and it was packed.

          Haven't been to Mesa Grill in ages. As for Bar Americain, I've talked many times on this board about our sorely disappointing first -- and what will be our only -- meal there not long after it opened. It was quite expensive, and we left feeling rather ripped off.

      2. Love Mesa Grill, especially for brunch

        1. LOVE Mesa's dessert tasting. I had a HORRIBLE restaurant week experience at bolo though. Everything we had was terrible.

          1. Have tried Mesa Grill, Bolo and Bar Americain each once and it was more than enough. Not a fan of his food. Most recent experience was Bar Americain and it was overexpensive and the food was very mediocre. Would avoid and choose something else.