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Jun 29, 2007 05:34 AM

Spanish grocery store in Chicago

Hi all,
I'll be visiting Chicago in a couple of weeks, and would really like to find a Spanish (Spanish-spanish, not Latino-spanish) grocery store that sells torrefacto/sugar-roasted coffee, which I can't get at home. I'll be in the Lakeview area, but will trek just about anywhere to find it! Thanks!

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  1. Cafe Iberico, a tapas restaurant in River North, has a very nice Spanish-style deli in the back of the northernmost dining room. While I am far from certain about the availability of your coffee at this place, it is probably your best bet.

    Two other possibilities in town would be La Unica, the Latin market on Devon Avenue in Edgewater, and El Mercado, the grocery store affiliated with the Argentine restaurant, Tango Sur, on Southport, in Lakeview. [Yes, yes, I know that you said "not Latino-Spanish," but you might as well give them a try.]

    Cafe Iberico

    La Unica

    El Mercado/Tango Sur

    Good Luck,

    1. I very strongly recommend Tony's Finer Foods, which has several branches. Nearest to Lakeview would be at Fullerton & Central Park or the Tony's on Hamlin about a block north of Irving Park, see phone book for exact addresses. Both are huge supermarkets that carry every possible Hispanic product. I don't understand what you said about torrefacto/sugar-roasted coffee but I make the trek via subway and bus to Tony's several times a year to fill up my shopping cart with Goya decaf, which is about 500% tastier than US decaf so maybe we're talking about the same thing. This coffee has the faintly sweetish flavor of the coffee I have had in Puerto Rico. If you are driving you'll have no problem (both stores have parking lots). If you're not driving go to "CTA Trip Planner" online for your public transportation route.

      1. Jimenez is great for Hispanic foods, although I don't think they have any locations near Lakeview. The closest would be on Fullerton and Avers.

        1. You can buy it at (which claims that it's relatively unavailable in the US):

          or from