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Jun 29, 2007 05:29 AM

tasty treats for 50+ people! ( not too $$$ )

hi all

my sister has a HUGE 4th of july party every year and everyone brings something. im stumped this year. it has to be for a very large amount of people, but i dont want to spend a crazy amount of money. can anyone help? ( can be anything, app/dessert/salads...)


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  1. How about a farmer's potato salad?

    1. deviled eggs

      chocolate brownies and peanut butter bars or cookies

      hummus, pita and olives

      homemade baked beans

      Oh! just thought of the popular Nigella Lawson watermelon salad with feta and olives. A huge seedless melon costs about $5. If the other ingredients don't put you over the top that might be a nice dish.

      1. Hi Niccole! here are a couple of ideas....

        (1) use a wooden skewer (like for chicken satay) [remember to soak your skewers for at least 30 min's] and skewer one of those little mini mozzarella balls, a basil leaf, and then a grape tomato
        (2) flank steak is pretty inexpensive. how about buying 2 or 3 pounds, marinating it for a good long while, then grill, then chill, then cut into thin strips and serve on crostini with maybe some horseradish
        (3) mini country-ham biscuits
        (4) cupcakes (many cupcake threads on this board)
        (5) Rice Crispie treats, dipped in white chocolate, and placed on a popsicle stick

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          Just out of curiosity, why would you need to soak the skewers if you're not cooking with them? I was always under the impression that soaking was to prevent burning. Is there some other reason that I've missed?

        2. We were just back in Eastern Mass for the week and at our party which included Lobster salad for 40 people, the least expensive thing was Stuffed Quahogs. 40 Quahogs were $16 and the Linguica, bread crumbs, bacon, herbage did not add much to the price.

          Take care

          - P.

          1. I also have a HUGE 4th of July party. Here are some of my suggestions; a big platter of sliced cucumber sprinkled with chili de limon (pretty, easy & refreshing). A big platter of strawberries with fruit dip (sprinkle a container of blueberries over them too add festive color). Buy a big batch of jalapenos, slice in have, soak in ice water (to take some heat off) and stuff some with pimento cheese & some with cream cheese. Make a huge batch of homemade salsa (2 lg cans of whole tomatoes drained, 2 lg cans original Rotel tomatoes, 1 sml white onion, 3 seeeded fresh jalapenos, 1 bunch cilantro, juice from 1 lime & garlic salt to taste--process in 2 batches in food processor or blender). I also second the baked beans idea.