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Jun 29, 2007 05:02 AM

Neptune last night

Finally got a chance to try Neptune Oyster last night - and wow, did it ever live up to its Chowhound rep. We got the fried clams (how have I grown up and lived in New England without ever having had these? I've got a lot of catching up to do) and the lump crab scampi appetizers. The clams were absolutely outstanding, the highlight of the meal - I tend to like things run through a salt mine a few times, but even so, I don't think these were overwhelmingly salty. And the crispness of the breading - wow. Amazing. The lump crab scampi (lump crab on a folded "omelet crepe" with procuitto and sauteed slivers of green garlic) was delicious as well, but to be honest, I was more focused on picking the scraps of my DC's clam plate.

Entrees were the Roast Monkfish with clams, broccoli, polenta, green olives, and black beans and the Marlin Duet with carrot mascarpone, sweet pea crudo, chilies and pecorino. I think the clams were actually the highlight of the monkfish, but the components of the dish all worked perfectly, with the thin puddle of polenta as a base.

Altogether delicious delicious. Thanks hounds!

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  1. We ate at Neptune twice during a four day stay of Boston in May.....It was super also. We had the fried clams and oysters as a starter. They were the highlight of the meal also. Part of what we enjoyed so much was sitting at the bar...Jeff, the owner took great care of us and steered us through a wonderful night of eating.....had the roasted monkfish also, it was great....looking forward to my next trip to Boston!!

    1. Neptune is truly a pearl in Boston dining.

      Which is kind of ironic, considering they're an oyster bar.

      1. Sampling their large oyster selection is one of the highlights of Boston dining for me.

        1. All that great eating and you haven't even gotten to my favorite lobster roll yet!