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Jun 29, 2007 03:28 AM

60th birthday family celebration september NYC

We (our 4 children are now grown-up so anywhere is fine) are going to NYC to clebrate my Husband's 60th and want somewhere fun and fabulous for dinner on the friday and saturday nights...Doesn't have to be fancy but want special.We are staying on the upper east side but are happy to travel around Manhattan.
We all particularly love fish and are Kosher.We don't really want ethnic but like do Italian, French and International cuisine. Any ideas?!
Also if you can think of somewhere with jazz or a piano or even a garden, that would be a bonus......thank you very much!

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  1. The Upper West Side has several kosher places. Darna (french/moroccan) on Columbus Ave at 89th and Talia's Steakhouse on Amsterdam at 92nd, for example. But call ahead first because the places on the UWS usually close on Friday nights. Also, if you want only kosher recs you may want to post on the kosher board too.

    1. im not entirely sure how kosher works but id suggest fresh down in tribeca for seafood or telepan on the upper west side for creative american. telepan is in a beautiful townhouse...very professional and classy but very friendly and welcoming. my parents love that place.

      also, consider veritas down in the flatiron notch food, excellent for a group of 4 or 6.

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        Thank you for your good advice..will check them out! Let me know if I can help you with London anytime...

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          While Veritas, a favorite of mine, is a superb restaurant, it is not kosher. I've not been to Telepan or fresh, but they are not kosher either.

          So, are you looking for restaurants that are strictly kosher?

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            NO don't want to go to Kosher restautants at all!! Just that my family don't eat non-Kosher meat or seafood so put the Kosher bit in...any where is fine just not a steak bar etc.Veritas looks super as does Telepan. May try both! Thank you for you time and advice.

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              In that case, yes, Veritas would be an excellent choice. Chef Scott Bryan's New American cuisine is not overly complicated, but still delicious, and he does wonderful things with fish. The wine list is one of the most extraordinary in the city. Service is pleasant and efficient. The small dining room has stylish minimalist minimalist decor.


              Another restaurant I would highly recommend you consider is Eleven Madison Park. Chef Daniel Humm's French-inspired cuisine is exqyuisite, and his fish is masterfull. The wine list is excellent. Service is friendly, yet polished. And the space is gorgeous! Overall, a wonderful place to celebrate a special occasion.


              I'll add one more suggestion -- Tocqueville. Chef Marco Moreira is producing some truly sensational French/New American cuisine in a space that is quite elegant. Fine wine list. Very capable service.


              Happy 60th B.D. to your husband and Bon Appetit!

              1. re: RGR

                They do look fabulous and make me feel hungry just thin king about the menus-thank you and for your kind wishes.we have time when we are there to go to them all, so will probably do just that! Happy weekend to you!

      2. You might also want to post this to the Josher board of chohound -

        You can also check out fpr a comprehensive list of kosher resstaurants

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          I was at Telepan last weekend and enjoyed it tremendously.
          You might want to try Compass.
          And my favorite Vice Versa.
          If you like Asian food, Shun Lee across from the MET in LincolnCenter is good. I spend half my time dining there when I should be exploring other venues.
          I don't know if the wonderful Le Bernardin has kosher fish or not (I guess it must not or you would have listed it in a nanosecond).

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            So so helpful-love the look of them all-thank you very much!
            NYC is so full of choice that it'll be hard choosing where to eat.....will be a fun problem! Happy eating too!