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Jun 29, 2007 03:20 AM

Good Mormon cooking?

My husband, kiddos & me will be in SLC for one night. I grew up in southern Idaho, and visited there often when I was young. But that's been years ago. Where can we get really good regional food? We live in Chicago, so I'm interested in foods that we can't get here. I've heard Crown Burger is good, any other suggestions? Is Jimbos still around, and if so, is it any good? I also have memories of stopping at Maddox on the way to and from Twin Falls. And what about places for chocolate and ice cream? I definitely don't want to leave Utah w/o chocolate and ice cream. One more thing. My husband is black. I'm assuming that won't be a problem anywhere, but I want to know if it's something to consider if we go to out of the way places.

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  1. What distinguishes Mormon cooking? What makes Mormon food Mormon food?

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      I grew up in a very very Mormon community, and from what I can tell it's not too far removed from basic Midwestern cooking. There is a bit more of an emphasis on convenience cooking (I have seen several cookbooks that feature dry pre-mixes of ingredients that can be easily stored for later use), and there will certainly be Jell-O at social gatherings. A phenomenon unique to Mormon Utah is the condiment known as fry sauce. It appears to be a 50/50 mix of mayonnaise and ketchup, but I am told that there is more to it.

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        If you miss fry sauce you can always get it at the Nielsen's Frozen Custard on Southern in Mesa.

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          I don't. For the most part, Mormon cooking makes my taste buds fall asleep.

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        Casseroles. Lots and lots of casseroles. (I grew up Mormon)

        To the OP, I cannot recommend the Red Iguana (which is Mexican) in SLC enough. It is terrific. Also, SLC has changed a lot and is much more diverse than it was even 15 minutes ago. I do not think that your husband being black will even be an issue.

      3. When I think of "Mormon cooking", I immediately think of Funeral Potatoes and Green Jello molds. Things that are casseroles or potluck dishes. Things that can be easily stretched to feed a bunch of kids. Oh, and ice cream - I remember some survey saying that Utahns eat more ice cream than anyplace else (must be all the kids).
        I can't think of a restaurant that does "Mormon cooking". The only thing that comes to mind when I hear that is Chuck-a-Rama, a local all-you-can-eat buffet place. Or, Crown Burger, with it's pastrami-topped burgers and fries with fry sauce.
        The place that used to be known for ice cream, Snelgroves, isn't anymore. For chocolate, I guess I'd think about E. Cummings. It's on 7th W, near Liberty Park. They are known for their chocolate dipped strawberries.

        1. Good Mormon cooking as opposed to good Catholic cooking or good Baptists cooking? ;)

          I suggest doing a search, there are several good posts on Salt Lake City dinning. I don't think restaurants distinguish themselves as "Mormon food" places.

          A lot of Mormon food is stereo me not all Mormon's eat jello. lol

          1. it makes me sad that having to mention that your husband being black is even an issue. that there are parts of the country that still have issue with this kind of thing.
            hope you have a great time in SLC.

            1. One of my mom's nurses is LDS. She once told me, "we cant drink, we cant smoke, we cant gamble... but we CAN eat! So every Mormon is a darn good cook." She is. She sometimes uses "The Mormon Family Cookbook", which is quite eclectic, sometimes elegant, with classic French roux and sauces used (without identifying them as French), a few Asian spices, Italian pasta dishes. I got her to make a Fuschia Dunlop recipe for a classic Hunanese dish, and she did admirably. I dont know if you can find this stuff in restaurants, maybe you could mention that cookbood and ask if the restaurant makes things like that.

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                If you're here at lunchtime, seeif the Beehive House is open (temple square) can't get more mormon than that. go to lamb's grill. owner was greek, but its a very cool old restaurant and food seems pretty mormon to me. go to a sconecutter drivein for, what else, a scone. drive an hour north to brigham city to the idle isle cafe. now that's down home mormon. maddox cafe, also in brigham, is classic mormon. Of the above, i'd vote for lamb's grill.