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Jun 29, 2007 02:26 AM

Mission Takeout

We will be living in the Mission district for 4 weeks in July/August. Advice please on best takeout - any cuisine, any flavours, any price. Also (this will sound dumb, but we Brits don't know US customs) do you normally tip the person who brings the food, and if so, how much, and, sort of related, how far away can you expect delivery from?
Many thanks
Mike p

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  1. Do you mean delivery or take-out or both? There are loads of take-out options in the Mission, but not all of them deliver. Every taqueria offers take-out, but most of them don't deliver. Most Chinese restaurants have both take-out and delivery. Here's a link to a website that lists places that offer delivery. Also check Bernal Heights, Noe Valley, and Castro for delivery to the Mission.

    And yes, we tip delivery folks here.

    1. Most of these places do takeout but not delivery

      Pancho Villa
      Taquria El Toro
      La Taqueria

      Pizzeria Delfina

      Aslam's Rasoi

      Burger Joint
      Barney's (Noe Valley)
      Luna Park (more pricey, but they do takeout/delivery

      I tip about 10% on deliveries so long as it arrives hot and in a timely manner.

      1. Angkor-Borei
        3471 Mission St
        San Francisco, CA 94110
        (415) 550-8417
        Cambodian, they deliver:

        Lotus Garden
        3216 Mission St
        San Francisco, CA
        Phone: (415) 282-9088
        Vietnamese, I have only eaten in the restaurant so I don't have much experience with the delivery. Apparently they may charge a little extra or something.

        083 16th Street
        (between Caledonia St & Rondel Pl
        )San Francisco, CA 94103
        (415) 621-3935
        (Indian, delivers but I am not huge fan of the place. Given that you have fantastic Indian at home, maybe best avoided.

        Chili Lime Garlic
        3166 24th Street
        between Shotwell St & Van Ness Ave
        San Francisco, CA 94110
        (415) 826-8199
        Thai, they deliver and they are open until 11:00
        Some dishes are fine, others not. wade carefully.

        And just about everywhere does take out...

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        1. For Thai, "Pad Thai" delivers, usually fast, hot and pretty tasty.
          For Sushi, I've had good luck with "Zaoh".
          For Indian, Zante and Spicy Bite Deliver, with mixed results, and Little Nepal also delivers (although I've only eaten in or taken out).
          Chinese options are abundant and generally mediocre.

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          1. re: bdl

            How could I forget Zante's Indian Pizza??? So good. Just be warned that delivery times can be widely erratic...

          2. Taqueria San Jose (super grilled chicken burritos, super al pastor burritos and tacos)
            El Farolito (super al pastor burritos)
            Taqueria Cancun (vegetarian burrito)

            I don't believe any of those places deliver. Generally, I tend to tip deliveries the same as wait staff -- 15-20% baseline that varies with speed, politeness, etc.