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Jun 29, 2007 12:03 AM

Shamshiri in Westwood

Finally made it out, as I am not often in the mood for Persian food. Tonight, though, after bein stuck in traffic all the way down in The Crush and travelling up to Westwood, for some reason I just had a hankering for tahdig and some stew.

Brought a friend over, and we both split the tahdig and the eggplant khoresh stew. I really dig tahdig and will often just order this and two stews and call it a meal, a cheap one at that, as I get it for the appetizer price with a minor upcharge for adding the stews.

For our family style mains, we ordered a beef shawarma plate (or as I describe it -- plate o' meat) and also one of the braised lamb polo dishes (adas polo).

The braised lamb was great, and I love how braising lamb gets rid of a lot of the gamey-ness when cooked correctly. The earthy flavors melded well with the sweet rice mixture, which included a lot of the typical Persian flavors like dates and what not. Note to self - for next braised dish, serve with sweet starch.

The shawarma tasted great, too, especially when paired with their hummus. I wasn't as big of a fan of the tzatziki, but my buddy was and enjoyed it very much. We didn't really touch the rice that the shawarma was paired with, as we were starting to get stuffed.

Final bill, just under $31 to feed two hungry lads with an app and two entrees. Moreover, we've got leftovers that we split, so in total that's really four meals for that price. Add in the fact that it was all the flavors worked well, a festive ambiance and attentive service, and the deal really can't be beat. I'll definitely be back, but I should probably try Shahrazad just to have proper perspective.

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  1. I'm glad you liked Shamshiri. When I'm in the Westwood area, that's usually where I go to eat. I must admit, I've never tried the tahdig, the khoresht-e-bademjan, or the adas polo. I generally eat those dishes at home and have kabob or mainly meat dishes at Persian restaurants.

    I do enjoy their shwarma sandwiches very much (even though shwarma is not a Persian dish). All in all, your meal sounds great. The other thing I like about Shamshiri is the artwork on the walls.

    My favorite things to order there are the following:

    shwarma sandwich
    Shirazi salad
    bademjan (i.e. eggplant) appetizer
    mast-o-mouseer (yogurt with shallots)


    1. Lamb fesenjan there is amazing (has a tart pomegranate/walnut puree) as is tje rose ice cream for dessert. I also like panir al sabzhi appetizers wherever (pita and flatbread plus fresh herbs, onions, radishes, walnuts and feta to wrap up together and sprinkle w/sumac).

      1. They've got great koobideh as well and one of the best renditions of baba ghanoush I have had anywhere. Creamy white, swirled with olive oil, and topped with pine nuts. It was amazing alone and great with the flatbread, mint, radishes, and sumac.