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Jun 28, 2007 11:57 PM

Meat in Phoenix

I love shopping farmers markets. I love the idea of buying right from the farmer and getting the freshest possible food. As I was driving home the other day I started to think is there a place like a farmers market or a small independent shop where I can get meat. I always just get it from the local supermarket. Is there small butcher shops in phoenix that sell local meat??????

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  1. Hobe Meats -- 16th and Bethany Home -- is a local, independent butcher shop. I don't eat enough meat to be a regular there, but I've used Hobe a few times for special orders when entertaining and have been very pleased. I don't know if the meat is locally produced.

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    1. re: silverbear

      Try Midwestern Meat in Mesa....Though the meat isn't local to az...everything is cut to order and the selection and service is wonderful

      The Pork Shop in Queen Creek is also terrific....stopped in for the first time and bought some sausages for the grill
      3359 East Combs. Ironwood exit on the 60

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        Ciaogal - right on with your picks! I love the Pork Shop! We make a trip out there every few months and stock up on brats (love the green chili ones), big dogs, pork chops, canadian bacon and several kinds of sausage. I use the hot italian in my spaghetti sauce and we use the maple syrup sausage for breakfast patties.

        I've also bought a prime rib and beef tenderloin at Midwestern Meats and been very happy with the quality.

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          I agree with Midwestern Meats, I've used them to procure lamb for the last couple of Easters and have been satisfied each time.

      2. If you lilve near Chandler, organic farmer Jeff Scott almost always has range-free chicken and beef at the farmer's market at Chandler Park on Thursday afternoons.

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        1. re: Alice Letseat

          Thanks for this tip! I haven't been to the CHandler farmer's market since we first moved here in 01 and was so disappointed didn't go back. Anything else there worth trying these days?

          We made our first trip to the Pork Shop in Queen Creek a month or so ago and have been really happy with the products. We're planning a stock up trip this weekend actually....definitely worth the trip every couple months!

          Back during the spring Maya was selling grass fed beef at the downtown market and up at the Farm. Don't know if she still has this or not yet...been about a month since we last made it to the market.

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            Do you know the Pork Shop's hours on the weekend? I couldn't find a website for them. Would love to try it out! Thanks!

            1. re: sunshineinaz

              W-Sat 8AM-5PM
              Sunday 9AM-3PM

              Enjoy! Good stuff. The green chile brats are delicious!

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                I just got a postcard in the mail from them so I think it's important to state that they do close for a month in the summer. I think its July 24 - Aug 24 or something like that. Call ahead to be sure. (480) 987-0101

          2. re: Alice Letseat

            Do you know if the chicken is local? I've been trying to find a local source for free-range (or ideally pasture raised) chicken.

          3. Vonhanson's Meat Market in Chandler has awesome double-smoked bacon. They are the AZ outpost of a Minnesota chain. That have some good sausages, brats, and the usual beef stuff. Plus if you are a Minnesota ex-pat (like my g/f) they have some of the motherland's specialties.

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            1. re: Firenza00

              Great, I'll have to check this place out. Spam, walleye and pickled herring just floated to the top of my list! ;)

              1. re: azhotdish

                Midwestern meats I belive is the best butcher besides AJ's which is pretty pricey. But they have a killer Cowboy steak that is huge!

                1. re: azhotdish

                  Gedney's, cheese curds, and folks with funny accents. You'll be right at home. You betcha. :)
                  But that bacon... Damn, but it's good.

                  1. re: Firenza00

                    i'm going there tomorrow. thanks buddy. i'll report back.

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                      Ok, so I went there today and talked to Jack - very nice guy. Took home 2lbs of double smoked bacon, some pork breakfast sausage links, a dozen natural casing weiners, hot dog buns, and two packages of cheese curds. Seemed a little steep at around $35, but my god are the weiners good. Grilled them up for dinner tonight with some friends and everyone enjoyed them. Really looking forward to trying the bacon and breakfast sausage - thanks for mentioning this place. I will definitely be back many, many times.

                      1. re: Firenza00

                        Firenza00 - I think I owe you a beer. After cooking some bacon and some of that breakfast sausage this morning, Von Hanson's just got a new customer for life. Thanks again for the rec - best one in while.

                        1. re: azhotdish

                          I'm so glad you liked the bacon. We've yet to find any as good.

                  2. i'll echo the hobe's sentiment. they carry fish hugger salmon and beef - kenny's a slow food phoenix member and i love his stuff...nobu from sea saw gets his salmon..

                    here's a link :

                    hobe also has youngs farm poultry, which im kind of scratching my head over since i thought they were gone now?

                    never the less - they know their meat, and im addicted to their rib eye.

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                      i saw a guy at the T&C market several months ago who was selling wild-caught Alaskan salmon (from his boat, apparently) and some herbs (from his farm in northern CA). i was a little skeptical, but i nevertheless was drawn to his Bariani olive oil which is absolutely delicious. i don't think i ever saw him i have no idea what the story is.

                      1. re: azhotdish

                        I love all the suggestions! What is the T&C Markey?

                        Also out of all of these suggestions which place has the best value?

                        THANKS AGAIN!

                        1. re: bjpeters

                          town & country farmer's market, sorry for the confusion. they are unfortunately on hiatus for the summer.

                    2. The original comment has been removed