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Jun 28, 2007 11:00 PM

Lunch near 3rd and Fig

I work near the corner of 3rd and Figueroa, and have found the area to be something of a lunchtime culinary wasteland. Anyone know any good, cheap takeout joints nearby? Anything good in the Bonaventure?
Thanks, Jake

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  1. that's pretty far south of DTLA. If you're walking then no idea. All those shops in the ciudad plaza? if you have a car, I'd take it to jtown, or if you're on the dash b route, i'd take that to jtown.

    1. Inside the Bonaventure is a place called the olive branch (the level where bonaventure brewing company is). Not a place to go to if you are in a rush but you can get some good and fresh chicken, shawrma, hummus, tabouli, and salad for about $5.

      Bonaventure brewing company has good bar food too. Any one been to the Pho place in the Bonaventure? It looks like a burger king that sells Pho.

      Also, the Italian place in the Ciudad plaza has a good pizza salad combo. They give you a small pizza and a tiny salad for about $6

      1. Jake,
        Try the new pizza joint just north of Sunset on Fig, east side of the street. I think it is called LA Pizza works, but I'm not sure. Great empanadas and salads, and a nice spin on pizza. It is a take out place mostly, just a couple tables outside and a stand-up bar inside.