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6 Restaurant recs under $60 p.p. all in

Will be in NY after three years, just for 4 nights :(. The last time I was here I was on a strict jobless budget so Matchstick_Girl_looked_in a lot! Reckon I'll have a total of 6 discretionary meals this time around but my budget really hasn't expanded that much. Looking for 6 *exceptional* value meals (under $60 p.p. all in) to make my trip. Filters (flexible) - primarily vegetarian palate. Love ethnic (except Indian .. I live in India so no Indian for obvious reasons). Really want to try Dominican (never have) and Ethiopian (had a great meal last time). I lot of people have recommended Dos Caminos and Sushi Samba, but I dunno, they seem somewhat frat-like. Also happy to scrounge on a few meals and have one nice splurge farewell meal. Suggestions, people? In your chow hands.

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  1. Just had a fantastic meal at Kefi last night on the UWS. I highly recommend it. Two of us had two entrees (grilled shrimp and orzo in a spicy tomato sauce; pork souvlaki with greek salad and another side of rice and spinach or something), one appetizer (grilled octopus and bean salad) and 2 drinks each (beer and wine) for a grand total of $40per person including generous tip. Cash only. Place is on 79th and Broadway.

    1. I would definitely check out Tabla (coming from India, you will definitely appreciate it). Chinatown Brasserie could be fun. For ethiopian, Queen of Sheba is still the best I've found in the city. For dominican, if you've got time head up to Dominicaland, which is the 170s, 180s, in the bronx, just ask around

      1. There are two Ethiopian places that we like: Meskerem (47th at 10th Ave) and Awash (Amsterdam at 107th). Both are great values for the dollar and the food is tasty. Awash also serves Ethiopian beer, if you are interested in that too.

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          Queen of Sheba is loads better than Meskerem. Haven't been to Awash.

        2. Dinner at Tabla starts at over $60, not all in, so consider it only for lunch or try the less expensive section, Tabla Bread Bar.

          Dominican - again, lunch is a good idea. Uptown, Restaurant Margot is the best; downtown either Joselito, Nuevo Amanecer or El Costillo de Jagua.

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            Yeah bread bar. I thought you could order a la carte @ Tabla though, can't you? In which case you can easily meet your budget.

          2. found lapalapa on st. marks and first to be great mexican food. it might not be THE BEST food per se, but it is delicious, good service unbelievable drinks and fun atmosphere, all for much less than rosa mexicano. definitely exceptional value for me.

            1. Pylos is excellent.

              Room Service. Aspen.

              Number 1 Chinese in the East Village.

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                I ordered delivery from Number 1 Chinese once several years ago, and it was bad, including sand in a vegetable dish. Why are you recommending it over places like Grand Sichuan - even within the East Village?

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                  Agreed, I found No. 1 to also be pretty bland/tasteless/oily. I would recommend New Green Bo in Chinatown for great Chinese food, although not necessarily the friendliest service-- but it's part of the experience. It's really cheap and there are some great dishes (let me know if you want recommendations). Also, Malatesta for terrific inexpensive Italian food (great pasta's, most without meat). If you want great sushi I would not bother with Sushia Samba (not great AND overpriced), for good quality, not expensive, not much of scene, but great food, I'd do Kirara on Carmine Street.

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                    Wow. Thanks a lot for all the recommendations! Incidentally, been to New Green Bo on my last visit here :) What should I absolutely order at any of the dominican restaurants (leaning towards awash .. I once had a great ethiopian stout that I would love to repeat .. thanks for the tip LNG). La Palapa looks great (checked out their website): two quick q's: do they do fresh guacomole on the table? And which of the locations (East Village or West Village) is better? Can't wait to get there :)

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                      At 84th & Amsterdam is a Turkish gem called Zeytin.

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                        Zeytin had made my list :)) as had Cafe Viva. Surprisingly, not too many vegans in India (I cant think of one vegan restaurant in the country. Ditto with Ethopian and Senegalese, though the food is quite similar to regional Indian). I'm still overwhelmed with the number of dining options that New York has. Thanks a lot, everybody :)

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                        Glad you'll try Awash. It's tasty -- and we practically had to roll out of there with the amount of food served. As for the beers, we had a lighter lager type beer from Ethiopia (they also had honey wine, though I'm not a fan). I'm not sure how large their selection is, but they may have a website that you can check out. Enjoy.

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                          No tableside guacamole as far as I've seen. And truthfully, I think that there is better mexican to be had-- I just wouldn't really count that place as a destination. Although between the two, I would do the East side. The food has been exactly the same at each but East side is much more attractive.

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                            La Palapa is pretty damn good. I had great mexican, including tableside guacomole, here