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Jun 28, 2007 09:19 PM

Persian-style ice cream in toronto?

Does anyone know if Persian-style ice cream is sold in Toronto? Or has anyone seen rosewater gelato at any of the gelaterias around town?

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  1. I don't know whether this is similar to a Persian style, but Arz (nominally, but not wholly, Armenian) sells a homemade ice cream that has a strong hint of mastic in its taste and texture. I don't like it, but suspect this is an "acquired taste" and can't really comment on its quality.

    Tropical Treets on Bermondsey probably has rosewater flavoured ice cream (not gelato, though).

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      Thanks Embee. I've been meaning to visit Arz for a while.

    2. Try this:
      It's a bakery off leslie just north of York Mills - sort of an industrial plaza so easy to miss.
      They have a fridge at the back with some persian ice-cream - don't recall seeing rosewater last time I was there but they had saffron. Also had the 'frozen noodles' whose name I don't recall but found everywhere in Iran.
      And pick up some Bam dates while you're there too.
      And I don't recommend Tropical Treets (except in emergency). Great choice of flavours but poor-quality product obviously made from concentrates and powders, rather than fresh ingredients.

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        Thanks Estufarian. I've bought dried cherries, baklava and florentines at Shirini Sara, but I didn't realize they also sold ice cream. I'll give them a try.

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          Tropical Treets conventional flavours are as bad as it gets, but some of their more unusual flavours are much better. The quality has declined over the years and the amount of overrun in a tub has increased, but the coconut, mango, pistachio, and similar flavours are still decent. I do agree with you that they aren't a first choice, if there are choices, but they can sometimes satisfy a difficult craving.

        2. Fascinating thread... I had to look up mastic because I'd never heard of it. Thanks everyone, I really want to try Shrini Sara now.

          1. I know that Tabule restaurant has a lemon orange blossom tastes very similar to rosewater.....also I second Arz bakery they have a Ashta gelato that I love that is like gum with hints of mastic and rosewater, paramount bakery also has homemade gelatos and the same one ashta

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              I believe the sorbets and ice creams at Tabule come from Soma. That was what the waitress told me the last time I ate there.