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Jun 28, 2007 09:06 PM

Gourmet grocery in/around Blowing Rock NC?

Looking for great meat/seafood/cheese/wine in and around Blowing Rock for next week.

Want Prime beef, free range chicken and pork, imported cheese, good wine at fair price and fresh fish/seafood.

Already familiar with Lowes in Banner Elk. Anything better/closer ??


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  1. i know there is a wine/cheese shop in banner elk. but i cant remember the name at the moment. will have to check up on it. but not really sure what the selection is there.

    just did a quick search and the place is called erick's cheese and wine.

    good luck finding what you want.

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      Thanks for helping me out on my last visit to Charlotte. I am not so sure if I will be much help here in the High Country.

      Erick's is a good stop for cheese and wine. Peabody's in Boone (on the right as you head down Hwy 105) is the area's largest wine store with a great selection and friendly helpful staff.. As a rule, I prefer Harris Teeter over Lowes. There are two Lowes in the in Boone in New Market Square and the one you mentioned in Banner Elk.

      My favorite small produce market is in Blowing Rock...on the right side of the bypass as you head to Boone...I think it is in the same building as Subway.

      There is always the farmer's market in Boone on Saturday mornings.

      My favorite bakery is Stick Boy's. There is one in Boone and the last time I was in Blowing Rock they had a mini-shop set up in the garden shop (forgot the name) on Main Street in Blowing Rock.

      Enjoy your stay!

      Banner Elk

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        Bob...let me add...if you are looking for deli take-out I have two suggestions. Joe's Italian Deli is located behind the Burger King on Blowing Rock Rd. in Boone. I have gotten some great pasta, salad, deli meats, cheeses and desserts. He roasts his own beef and turkey before slicing. Earth Fare on Main St. has some interesting things in the deli, cheese case and meat department including their own homemade gourmet sausages.

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          Bob...Sorry it was not helped me out the last time I was in Orlando!!! Brent seems to be our Charlotte I think of you as our prime Orlando source for good reliable information. Windsor

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            earth fare also has some of the better free range meats imo.

      2. The market on main st. in Blowing Rock is a pretty good deli, great selection of wine and food! There is also a new wine shop in Blowing Rock next to "Gregory-Allen" interior shop, the wine store is on Sunset Streeet

        1. Another vote for Earth Fare in Boone. Ask for the Hickory Nut Gap breakfast sausage - made in WNC and delicious! The meat and cheese selections are generally very good. Wine can be hit or miss.

          Seafood can be tricky in the mountains, many people just don't eat it. Earth Fare has been great about special ordering for me in the past and about letting me know what their delivery days are. There are some catch your own mountain trout places in that area - thats about as fresh as it gets!

          edit: oops! Just noticed the date on the OP. Hope this helps future visitors!