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Jun 28, 2007 09:06 PM

Rick's Secret Spot- catering review

OK, so after much stressing I used Rick's to cater my party. When I tasted the food at the restaurant it was pretty darn good....but Rick REALLY out-did himself for my party!!! The ribs were heavenly and the bbq chicken was divine! I didn't get to taste the mac&cheese because it was all woofed down before I could get any! The hot and sticky beans have enough meat and flavor to be a meal on their own and the cornbread was delish! And the collard greens knocked my southern-raised socks off!!!!!

Rick's rocks! I had a LOT of southerners who KNOW their 'Q at the party and they were bowled over...I even got a few "that's the best barbecue I've ever eaten" comments. Rick's gets 3 thumbs up!

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  1. Rick will be catering our Fourth of July Party. My wife and I tried his BBQ versus another place in South OC and we really liked what he gave us as an "around the world" sample. He is very professional about the catering, made a special trip to look at our backyard, and he even bakes special pies (macadamia apple pie, for example) that have already got some of my guests anticipations up. He and his wife are good people. Try his BBQ, you'll like it. Hard to find his place but worth mapquesting it.